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Macro-to-Micro Power Hour FOMC Special

Pre Fed Look - Fed is Trapped! Note: At 2PM today (Wednesday, 1st February 2023) - Samantha LaDuc will host a special public FOMC Live Trading Room session. Follow @SamanthaLaDuc on twitter for the link to this special free session. Our founder and Chief Market...

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Quiet Success

Quiet Success

Each year I reflect back on my biggest successes and failures. The failures occupy the majority of my thinking the majority of the time, simply because I am so committed to overcoming where I have fallen short of my goals. It’s the same mindset as my pinned tweet:
Every successful trader was once an amateur that never gave up.

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FOMC Preview with Samantha & Craig

Our founder and Chief Market Strategist, Samantha LaDuc, is joined by Hedge Fund Manager and LaDucTradingEDGE Macro Advisor, Craig Shapiro, to offer up their take on CPI release and FOMC risk. They also have a look at how best to position for year-end as well as a...

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CNBC Pro Interview

##### LADUCTRADING YOUTUBE CATCH a replay and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel. Your next big catch is waiting for you and we will help you find it. 🔦 ##### STAY CONNECTED TO LADUCTRADING: Market Timing Calls (-MTC -) 🎣...

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