Mentoring to help “fill in the gaps” between guessing and knowing when to enter and exit an options or equity trade. On any timeframe!

When I took up fishing, I knew I would eat much sooner if I learned from the Pros. I actively sought out and shadowed very successful, pedigreed money-managers as well as highly-profitable, retail-rogue, super traders. I quickly found out that very few women fish professionally.

I learned something else: I learned that fishing is not a game of perfect. There are a lot of ways to catch fish. The trick is not to lose them!

Fish don’t care about pedigree (eg MBA, CMT, CFA, RIA…) and fish don’t really want to get caught. There are unexpected storms and loss of bait is almost guaranteed! In fishing, as in all things…

Preparation and Confidence Meets Opportunity

So here’s your opportunity to shadow me as I actively forecast and chase each trading day. I love to analyze, educate and trade so now you can share my passion for trading, my nose for news, and my personal trade set-ups via my interactive LIVE Trading Room!

Think of it as Private Mentoring–-very few are admitted so you can be assured of personal, timely and relevant interaction. I will get to know your level of knowledge, risk profile and goals. I know these are different for each person and large chat rooms in no way allow for customization of needs.

I provide the trade ideas and trading environment to teach high probability trading setups and the strategic technical analysis that supports them. I also post my real-time/actual trades and provide trade analysis at clients’ request! Come Fish With Me!

Samantha’s ‘Rules of Engagement’ for Trading Options

Volatility, Direction and Time are the three most important components of choosing an option. Expected duration of a trade guides the choosing of an option expiration date. I have learned it doesn’t hurt and often helps to add more time than you think is needed. Generally, I employ Directional (naked) Options in high-probability directional trades expecting increased volatility. Option Spreads are employed for gradual volatility in directional trades. Combination option tactics (ratio backspread, financed spread, butterflies, etc) are most beneficial for event-driven trades as well as for ‘set-it-and-forget it’ type swing trading to capture a trend further out in time.

Most often my options are bought (not sold naked), at the money with highest gamma, or out-of-the-money strikes based on projected price targets. I trade primarily three timeframes:

  • Chases (1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out)
  • Swings (1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out)
  • Trends (1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out)

Chases are largely news/event driven trades or volatility technical patterns that last a few ‘days’, sometimes just hours. Momentum drives the price action, which can be volatile, so active management is required. Samantha will share chase ideas in her LIVE Trading Room as they happen, calling out and/or annotating charts with entry, stop, profit (ESP) targets. Swing and Trend trades will be posted in the LIVE Fishing Plan (Google Doc) and Trade Log (Spreadsheet).

Trailing stops can be based on percentage of profit/loss of an option, the price level of the underlying, the theoretical price of the option at profit/loss targets… but in most all cases, the CLOSE of the underlying at its moving average guides the trade exit: 3D for Chases, 8D for Swing, and 21D for Trends.

Ideally, we want to use a Macro-to-Micro backdrop to get into a trade but a Micro-to-Macro approach to get out of a trade. By that I mean, when successful, we want to roll profits into further out-dated, higher-priced options, convert directional plays into spreads to protect profits, all the while taking partial profits/adding to positions along the way. We want to turn a profitable Chase into a profitable Swing into a profitable Trend while being mindful that losses are not to be feared but managed.

Consistency sounds boring and trading is neither consistent nor boring. But if we consistently manage our winners and our losers than the results will take care of themselves.

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