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A Blog About Fishing, the Fishing Industry and Behind the Scenes in the Life of This Humble Fisher.

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The Captain’s Fishing Plan & Results.
Good Things Come to Those Who Bait.

“You have mad skills”

Natalie, Former $2B Hedge Fund Manager

“Let me say simply that you unquestionably have an exceptional “market feel”. The other critical skill you have – that very few do – is that you are able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions without getting locked into a particular market bent.”

Richard, 40 yr veteran of two Broker/Dealers, an RIA + HF

I am telling you she is best out there !! 9 out of 10 spot on !!

Jaswanth, Long-time Newsletter Client

“I worked at Merrill now I trade FT as prop trader and you are the best analyst I have ever seen. Amazing price levels. On ANY timeframe!”

Brian, Prop Trader

Go back through her calls and look at the timestamps. Some ominous calls in the midst of euphoria most/all of which have come to fruition.”

Ryan, Retail Newbie

“I have heard, paid for, & read many experienced people who do this & you are the Best I have seen.

Keith, Retail Swing Trader

“Your VIX calls are awesome by the way”

Peter, Macro Wonk

““I find her micro to macro spin triples my own book”

Scott, Day Trading Client

“I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed being in the room. Your analysis is the best I have EVER seen. You have greatly enhanced my trading + for that I am truly grateful.”

Elizabeth, Institutional turned Retail, former VP/Senior trader ML

“Samantha’s fishing analogy has really worked for me to understand the chase – of a short term trade – versus going for the ‘krill’ of a long term trade.  Her macro to micro analysis acts like a sonar to find excellent trades.”

Kathy, Private Investor

Samantha is great and by far the best I have seen. You cannot learn this in schools or books anywhere.

Amit, Trading Room Client

I am personal friends with Larry McDonald and Keith McCullough. You are a better market timer than either of them.

David, Institutional Client

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