There are lots of ways to catch fish. The trick is not to lose them!

Fishing gear is personal. Sure it’s nice to have a big fancy boat, professional rods and a colorful box of tackle. For me, however; it’s more important to know how to fish, and especially to know when to cut bait.

Before I go out fishing, I size up the weather and make sure my gear is in working order. I always have back-ups with me just in case. Since I’ve spent a considerable amount of time actually fishing, I kinda have a sense of where and when to venture out. But once I am positioned, I quietly scan for movement—above and below the surface.

My fishing plan is all about looking for potential acceleration: velocity in breakouts, pullback bounces and, of course, bottom fishing. I detail process and performance—since both matter.

My Fishing Gear

·         TC2000 for all my charting analysis and alerts, custom scanning and watchlist creation
· for my relational studies and inter-market analysis work
·         Interactive Broker, Schwab and Think Or Swim (TD Ameritrade) for trading platforms
·         TweetDeck/Twitter to scan for actionable news flow trade ideas
·         Other captains who share their recent fish sightings with me

Fish are always moving and my gear will help me identify what’s moving and where, how much bait to use, how long to keep it in the water and when to reel it in.

I live to fish but I also fish to live.

Fishing Notices

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