LaDucTrading MacroAdvisor Craig Shapiro

Meet Craig Shapiro


Craig is LaDucTrading’s Macro Advisor, primarily supporting our EDGE members. He acts as an outsourced macro consultant sharing his investment process and market thoughts while engaging with other macro-minded members interpreting the financial markets for highest conviction trade ideas.

Craig is a long/short cross-asset portfolio manager whose investment process combines bottoms up industry and company fundamental analysis with a top down macro framework. He has managed capital at some leading hedge funds including Point 72 Asset Management, Ospraie Management, Graticule Asia Macro Advisors and Circle Lane Capital. His research process, portfolio construction and risk management frameworks are designed to generate consistent, absolute and relative risk-adjusted returns independent of market environment.

Our EDGE members rely on Craig’s curated trade support and market insights. Check out this Background Q & A with our client-dedicated, cutting-edge Macro Advisor.


Analyzing Financial Markets


Tell us a little about your background.

I have been on the buyside for over 20 years working at some of the largest hedge funds in the world, trading a variety of asset classes including equities, commodities, FX and interest rates. I have developed a framework for analyzing financial markets that marries bottoms up fundamental company and industry research with a top-down macro framework which looks at growth and inflation momentum to determine where we are in the business cycle and how to allocate capital. I have since transitioned to managing my own personal capital and to provide macro consulting services to a variety of financial investors including, family offices, small funds and private client advisors.


“Generate Superior Returns”


What do you like about working with LaDucTrading?

I like working with Samantha because she has an unbelievable ability to catch inflection points in sector and market momentum, utilizing a variety of her intermarket tools to determine where asset prices are heading. When I combine her more technical approach with my more fundamental understanding of how markets work, I find that I can generate superior returns on my investing.


“Our High Touch Interaction with Clients”


Why do you think clients like working with LaDucTrading?

I believe we are able to generate consistent investment ideas for clients who invest across all investment horizons, from day traders, to swing traders to longer-term investors by combining the work that all of the team provides. We are able to come up with ideas on both the long and short side across a variety of asset classes and we consistently communicate with our clients in real time, answering questions directly, a service that often is lacking from other providers. Our high touch interaction with clients is second to none.


“A Clear Understanding of Duration”


What is one takeaway every investor should think about in these challenging times?

Traders need to make sure they are marrying their investment horizon with their position. They need to really know whether or not they are trying to make money every day through trading or whether they can stick with their positions through volatile times. Traders often get caught when they turn trades into investments. Having a clear understanding of duration and heightened risk management can help. That’s where I focus – translating complex market structure data into tradable themes that sets LaDucTrading EDGE apart from most siloed financial research firms.


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To profit from active support that is paramount in these volatile, choppy markets, don’t hesitate to reach out to Craig directly to learn more about an EDGE membership or get started here.