Meet Rithika Ramakrishna


Rithika supports LaDucTrading’s CLUB & COMMUNITY members. She is an active moderator in our Live Trading Room sessions and a contributor in our Slack trading desk with her own own popular channel: #ritikas-hot-tickers.
She has an undergraduate in economics and masters of science in finance from the McCombs School of Business.
Rithika has been trading options for several years and loves volatility.  She loves charting and specializes in technical analysis which is how she finds the chase setups she shares with clients daily. She preaches patience and risk management over emotions.
Check out this Background Q & A with our young, incredibly smart contributor, educator and mentor.


Growing up in India


Tell us a little about your background.

Growing up in India, girls tend to have a certain disadvantage compared to men. Right then I decided I had to do everything in my power to get over this disparity.
The only way to do so was to be educated enough to the point where they had to come to you for advice.
That’s why I decided to pursue my bachelors in economics and masters in finance. Though I had a very keen interest to know how the world works, the primary reason that motivated me to pursue the degrees was the sexism very prevalent in the country.
My parents were very supportive in my endeavours and gave me the green light to pursue my dreams.


“Confidence she instilled in me”


What do you like about working with LaDucTrading?

The reason I chose to work for Samantha over any other big investment bank was the flexibility and the confidence she offered me.
Even when I was at the lowest point of my career she motivated me to be better and conquer my mistakes. Since then, I have grown from the education I received from her and learnt from my mistakes in the process.
I have grown thus far to be a far better trader than I knew was possible because of the confidence she instilled in me and from the knowledge I gain everyday from her trading room.
Because of her, I am able to offer clients valuable opinions in different stocks and commodities with a high degree of confidence.


“The Right Side of the Trade”


Why do you think clients like working with LaDucTrading?

I feel that clients genuinely appreciate our honesty because we are neither bullish or bearish biased. We swing the way the market takes us and that helps be on the right side of the trade 80% of the time.
Plus, each of us individually have different skill sets to offer whether it be technical analysis, options flow, fibonacci , macro analysis and that’s what makes us valuable as a team.


“Price is King”


What is one takeaway every investor should think about in these challenging times?

The one takeaway I personally have learnt is to let your bias go.
The market doesn’t care whether you are bullish or bearish, all the market cares about is how price reacts to supply and demand. News is temporary, but price action is permanent. When you realize the importance of this, you tend to be successful.
That’s the most important takeaway I’ve learnt in 7 years of trading: that price is king.


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