EDGE (Monthly)

$650.00 / month


Inspired macro-to-micro analysis to time market turns.


EDGE, an advanced-level service, is all about the macro – with focus on pro-to-pro engagement for D.I.Y. investors, family offices, and globally-managed equity/fixed income funds requiring timely macro insights and complex market data interpreted into tradable context.
Hedge Fund Manager & MacroAdvisor EDGE Manager, Craig Shapiro, applies a top-down macro framework and a bottoms-up industry/company fundamental analysis to model macro event risk, sector rotation, and risk-adjusted portfolio construction.
Portfolio Manager & EDGE Economics Advisor, Geoffrey Fouvry, applies deep understanding of classical economics to model monetary & fiscal dominance, global currency flows, interest rates & inflation, while delivering trade analysis on bonds, precious metals & special situation company arbitrage trades.
Membership provides access to Samantha LaDuc, Founder & Chief Market Strategist of LaDucTrading, while her team delivers customized & concierge-styled engagement on trades related to global equities, bonds, FX, commodities, crypto and credit markets.

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We have introduced the following new features in March 2023:

  • MacroMap recorded webinar with sector rotation heat map from Craig weekly
  • Macro-To-Micro live webinar with Craig + Samantha bi-weekly
  • Live call with Craig weekly
  • Live call with Samantha monthly


Think About That EDGE…

As an EDGE client, you will receive curated trade set-ups with updates on sector rotation, durable trends and volatility hedges PLUS Pro-to-Pro access with Craig and Samantha!

Weekly one-to-one zoom sessions with Craig Shapiro

EDGE members will be able to schedule weekly one-to-one sessions in addition to the daily customized support Craig provides members via Bloomberg Chat, Slack DM, WhatsApp, text or email. With a focus on macro analysis, Craig is a long/short cross-asset portfolio manager whose investment process combines bottoms-up industry and company fundamental analysis with a top-down macro risk framework. 

Monthly one-to-one calls with Samantha LaDuc

EDGE members will be able to schedule monthly one-to-one calls with LaDucTrading’s Founder and CIO, Samantha LaDuc. This call will have an “Ask me Anything” format. With a sector rotation and volatility focus, Samantha’s market timing skills help EDGE clients “fill in the gaps” between guessing and knowing when to enter and exit an options or equity trade based on macro, quant, fundamental, sentiment, intermarket and technical analysis.