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In a nutshell, Samantha proposed BOJ as event risk not Fed; to protect profits in gold; and why she sees this current rally as just another short-covering momentum rotation and nothing more.

These were the main themes from Samantha’s interview last Monday at Bloomberg where she followed up on her Jan 5th interview and trade idea for a continued rally higher in Yen, Gold and Bonds. This macro trade basket was originally posted Oct 21st when BOJ intervened to save its bond market same time as Fed did a $18B US dollar swap with SNB same time as Fed floated an article in Wall Street Journal for a potential step-down and pause. Since then global equities and bond markets have rallied as USD has fallen back with US yields. Samantha warned that her financed call spread in GLD reached her price target of $180 and gold would likely digest now – potentially pulling back down into $174 before getting defended. She also expressed the potential timing for the next market pullback of size was less FOMC and US earnings, and more likely BOJ- in late March.



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