Accessing Your LaDucTrading Fishing Club Membership

1. Slack workspace

You will an invite from Slack to join our Slack workspace in your inbox. It can take up to 24 hours for your new Slack account to be created. Follow the link and create a password to access the workspace.

If you do not receive the invite from Slack within 24 hours, please try to join via this link. Otherwise, please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected] so we can send you a fresh invite (please also check your spam folder in case it ended up in there!)


Samantha will post her intermarket analysis as well as intraday Market Thoughts AND her highest probability Chase, Swing, Trend and Macro trade ideas and setups in SLACK so it is really important to access daily.

Pro tip: Switch on Slack notifications for whichever channel you want to follow closely (eg #chase-ideas, #samanthas-market-thoughts and #trend-ideas). Every time Samantha posts in that channel you will get a Slack notification. You can configure the notifications on desktop, IOS & Android. The notifications will pop up on your screen, make a sound if you want and can be configured to only run during certain hours. You will need to be logged into the Slack app for these notifications to pop up. Check out the following article from Slack support and watch the video tutorial below.

If you have have any issues getting into our Slack workspace, please let us know.

If you are new to Slack we recommend you check out these two quick tutorials:

Slack 101

Setting up notifications

2. Accessing the live trading room

Samantha’s live trading room is open every trading day:

9am – 11am ET with Samantha
Moderators – Mikey, Archna & Rithika

Jump into the Member section and select the “LIVE Trading Room” sub-menu item HERE

You will see your “LIVE Fishing Room Access Link” to join the Trading Room.​​

The room is LIVE as well as recorded so you can access previous trading days in the archive.

We also offer Closed Captioning in the Live Trading Room. See more details HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: The Trading Room link is different each day!

3. Trade alerts (relaunching soon)

*Please note: Our brand new Trade Alerts platform is launching soon. In the meantime Samantha is posting her trade set ups in Slack.

New trade alerts can be accessed by selecting “BROKERAGE TRADE ALERTS” in the Member drop down menu HERE

Closed trade alerts can be viewed by selecting “LIVE PORTFOLIOS” HERE

Opt-in to Trade Alerts to receive SMS/Email notifications.

At any time during your subscription, you can change/stop which Trade Alert categories you follow by going to your Membership Dashboard and clicking  “Manage Trade Alert Subscriptions”. You can also hit STOP on your mobile phone to cancel SMS but that will remove your mobile phone number from all SMS.

For SMS alerts please ensure we have the correct mobile number.

Update your mobile number for SMS/ Texts HERE

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: All LaDucTrading Trade Alerts, for stocks, options, futures and crypto include defined stops and profit targets based on the underlying asset. Basing an option buy/sell order on its underlying stock may not lend itself to your trading platform’s conditional order capabilities. Results are also not guaranteed. You must manage your trades, position size, risk and account. These alerts are not intended for members to copy each and every trade but to serve as a “fishing plan” from which you can choose which trades are appropriate for your timeframe, experience, risk profile and goals. Learn more.

4. Videos

Samantha regularly publishes new videos to the LaDucTrading Channel on YouTube.

We strongly urge you to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so that you receive notifications when new videos are published.

Samantha publishes publically available videos and premium videos for members only which are also posted in “PREMIUM VIDEOS” HERE

Playlists on our channel showcase Samantha’s best of breed macro-to-micro analysis, interviews, trading insights and contributing color!

The LaDucTrading Channel features the following playlists:

Macro-to-Micro Power Hour

Samantha’s Trading Insights

Featured Presentations

Women in Trading & Finance

5. Partners

Featured partners:



Trading Volatility logo

ELEVATE: Our gamma data gives powerful insights into stock moves.

SpotGamma – Get a Free Trial


Samantha uses SpotGamma on a daily basis with her clients.

Knowing the drivers behind intraday market movement is key to establishing, managing or exiting chase positions. SpotGamma provides actionable daily gamma options flow data to active traders of SPX.


Other recommended partners:

WallStreetJesus – Unusual Option Activity flow: WallStreetJesus

TheMarketEar – Macro charts and analysis: TheMarketEar

Heisenberg Report – Thematic market analysis and timely Nomura and Kolanovic commentary:  therealheisenberg

CML Pro – Fundamental analysis on select growth companies: CML Pro

IBKR Trader’s Insight – What’s On Tap Weekly Calendar:  What’s On Tap Weekly Calendar

Marc to Market – Marc Chandler of Bannockburn Global Forex: Marc to Market






LaDucTrading uses TC2000 and recommends you do too.

TC2000 combines charting, stock & option screening, and trading features in an easy-to-use, polished platform. It has been recognized as an industry leader for over 25 years.

You will receive a $25 coupon* towards your new TC2000 service courtesy of LaDucTrading.

*this promotion is managed by TC2000 and can change at any time.

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