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Here’s where you catch Samantha’s running Macro-to-Micro market commentary each trading day — what’s moving, why and how to trade any market, sector or stock across multiple time-frames!

You will find this is where Samantha and her team of pro traders really excel: scoping out, scanning and synthesizing market moving news, high-probability trading ideas and uncanny market timing calls – as it happens – while always sizing up The Next Big Catch.



Live Trading Room

Here’s your opportunity to shadow Samantha as she actively forecasts and chases each trading day

Join Samantha LaDuc and her team every day in the Live Trading Room.

Every Trading Day: 9-11am ET




Slack Trading Desk

Samantha LaDuc and her team post their intermarket analysis as well as intraday Market Thoughts AND highest probability Chase, Swing, Trend and Macro trade ideas and setups in Slack.

Switch on Slack notifications for whichever channel you want to follow closely (eg #chase-ideas, #samanthas-market-thoughts and #trend-ideas). Every time Samantha posts in that channel you will get a Slack notification. You can configure the notifications on desktop, IOS & Android. The notifications will pop up on your screen, make a sound if you want and can be configured to only run during certain hours.



Meet your Captain

Samantha LaDuc

Samantha LaDuc, founder of LaDuc Capital LLC, is a Macro-to-Micro strategic technical analyst, educator and trader. She grew a small technology company (family of 60) for 10 years before selling it and has been actively trading and investing since 2008. Samantha has a unique perspective in scanning/synthesizing what will move, why it is moving and how to trade it with risk-defined options. She specializes in outliers with velocity–on any timeframe.

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CLUB – join Samantha LaDuc and our team of pro traders for industry leading Macro-to-Micro analysis, market timing calls and trade support!

Includes Samantha's Live Trading Room

Here’s your opportunity to shadow Samantha as she actively forecasts and chases each trading day. This is where she:

  • makes her Market Timing Calls based on Market-Moving News
  • works through Value and Momentum trade ideas with clients
  • personally shares her Macro-to-Micro trade set ups using risk-defined options
  • discusses her Daily Market Thoughts and Macro-to-Micro Analysis

LIVE Trading Room Members, once activated, can Log into the Member section of our website and select the “LIVE Trading Room” menu item. You will see your “LIVE Fishing Room Access Link” to join the Trading Room 9:00- 11:00 and 15:00 – 16:00 ET each trading day.

The room is LIVE so you can access whenever you want but please note: The Trading Room link is different each day and you will only be given access via this Live Trading Room page as long as your CLUB Membership is active.

Archives of our fishing excursions/video replays are available for all monthly/annual subscribers.

Includes Closed Captioning for Accessibility and Transparency.

Includes Slack Trading Desk

To aid in the sharing of time-sensitive and relevant trading and investment research, education and trade ideas, LaDucTrading uses SLACK workspace and channels where Samantha and our bench of pro traders post market analysis, annotated charts and trading ideas REAL-TIME.

This means all the trade ideas and setups are accessible (and searchable) anytime for members – regardless of whether members attend our live trading rooms or listen to their recordings.

CLUB gives you access to over 20 channels in our Slack Trading Desk.

You get 24/7 access to all of Samantha’s research, education and trade setups across all assets and time-frames – chase, swing and trend – in addition to her growing trading desk of contributors all of whom actively trade:

  • Archna – advanced option tactics
  • Geoffrey – economics advisor
  • Rithika – momentum trading using Elliot Wave
  • Tiffany – gamma-flow options
  • Bob – all things oil and gas
  • Mike – market moving context
  • Craig – our in house Macro Advisor
  • Dr Alex – Biopharma

Note: You can switch on Slack notifications for the channels you want to follow closely (eg #chase-ideas, #samanthas-market-thoughts, #Sudhas-futures, etc). Every time a contributor posts their market analysis and trade setups, you will be alerted via a Slack notification.

The FishingCLUB Advantage

Gain an out-sized advantage from best-of-breed market insights, select investment opportunities, fast-paced momentum chasing, option education and custom analysis/interaction with a professional, female options trader!

Lots of Support!

In addition to Samantha’s live and written commentary and custom engagement, our Trading Room and Slack Moderators are available to actively support your trading goals. You can engage with them in Zoom chat (to “everyone”) or in their respective Slack channels or in #member-chat: @Mikey Bot @Archna @Tiff and @Rithika are active traders in their own right in addition to supporting Samantha and her clients.

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“Access to institutional knowledge is only part of the solution for typically under-capitalized participants. Understanding how to operationalize the info and manage the risk is the contribution you make.”

Marc Chandler

Chief Market Strategist, Bannockburn Global Forex

“Thanks for the alerts today. I started out the day adding shorts in pre-market and traded today turning a red day in a Green Day for Me.. and turn around of $10 grand. I could not have done this without the guidance today. Thanks for this service. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Alex K.

Client, Retail Investor

Legendary calls. All backed up by real process & data.

What I love about your product is it’s about technicals and trading setups that you are seeing across markets in real time”


Client, Hedge Fund Manager

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