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Your captains on this trip provide the trade ideas and trading environment to teach high probability trading setups and the strategic technical analysis that supports them. Select the day or days, consecutive or random, you want to get in the boat and come fishing!

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Includes Samantha’s Live Trading Room:

LIVE Trading Room Members, once activated, can Log into the Member section of www.laductrading.com/account and select the LIVE Trading Room” menu item. You will see your “LIVE Fishing Room Access Link” to join the Trading Room 9:00-12:00 ET each trading day. The room is LIVE so you can access whenever you want but please note: The Trading Room link is different each day and you will only be given access via this Live Trading Room page as long as your Fishing Club Membership is in good standing. Archives of our fishing excursions/video replays are available for all monthly/annual subscribers, not Day/Week Pass holders.

Includes Closed Captioning for Accessibility and Transparency: Here’s how to activate.

Includes STOCKFIT Exercise Break:

Every Mon and Wed from 12:30 – 1:00 ET, Cienna Jade & LaDucTrading.com offer: StockFIT –  Online Exercise Breaks for Traders.  Under the “LIVE Trading Room” menu, select sub-menu item: StockFIT 

Includes Samantha’s Macro-to-Micro Research:

Gone Fishing Newsletter, Intermarket Chart Attack, Premium Videos, Market Catch, and Fishing PlansYour  Retail subscription to Samantha’s Fishing Club includes access to Samantha’s select Macro-to-Micro analysis. This can range from her Market Thoughts to her big picture macro-to-micro inflection read of what assets she sees moving and why. For active investors, interested in Samantha’s Intermarket analysis, this is a good place to review her trading themes and risk management framework.

Includes Trade Alerts:

The monthly subscription to the LIVE Trading Room includes Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts  to all Captains’ trade ideas — from Thesis to Time-frame, Trigger to Trade Set-up, Tactic and Tally.

Current Portfolios to choose from include:

  • Samantha’s CHASE – 1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out
  • Samantha’s SWING – 1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out
  • Samantha’s TREND – 1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out
  • Samantha’s STOCKS – Any duration from Chase to Trend.
  • Futures – Mostly intraday trades that are directional for chasing and hedging – 8:00 – 5:00 ET