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I wanted to show my gratitude by sharing my recent posts sent to Members all in one place (it’s good to look back before we look forward).

With that, here are my market timing calls, trade set ups and research UNLOCKED and made available to non-members. Enjoy!


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UNLOCKED: Market Thoughts: Is Volatility Back? 

In this post on September 17th, I warn of the impending Bear Market Correction.

  • AMD was $32 hit $16
  • AAPL was $218 hit $186
  • QQQ was $183 hit $160
  • AMZN was $2025 hit $1476
  • NFLX was $350 hit $271

Not only did I warn my clients of impending volatility which would reprice everything, I provided context of why and how to trade it.

If rates continue to spike, as I suspect they will (and have been calling TNX #RateSpike since 2.8%), then this Bull Steepener will cause a Rotation into Value Plays and out of Momentum (think FAAMNG!). It’s happening already. We have followed XLP and related plays since April. We have actual selling in FANG stocks since FB’s faceplant on earnings. If the 10-year continues to run higher into 3.3%, momentum will turn down even more and the NASI will be ‘below the fold’ which becomes Bear Correction territory. Samantha LaDuc Sept 17, 2018

UNLOCKED: Gone Fishing Newsletter: Macro Themes for Q4

Prices not based on fundamentals eventually go bust. Samantha LaDuc Oct 1, 2018

UNLOCKED: About That Rate Spike – Then

TNX is breaking out and I suspect it will continue toward major quarterly resistance at 3.3% this year. Samantha LaDuc Oct 3, 2018

UNLOCKED: Market Thoughts: Mid-Week Review

70-30 ODDS RATE SPIKES UNTIL EUR/USD 1.13. Samantha LaDuc Oct 4, 2018

UNLOCKED: About That Rate Spike – Now up 38 Basis Points

During the February bond yield surge, FAANGs dropped 12-14%. I think this time will be impactful in its own way but impactful nonetheless. Samantha LaDuc Oct 4, 2018

UNLOCKED: Mid-Day Market Thoughts: ATTN: We Have a Two-Way Market!


UNLOCKED: Why I Love Monthly Charts: Short Price Targets Found Here

Other than some weak bounces in the coming days, and weeks, I suspect we have made The Turn: Short Every Rally! Samantha LaDuc Oct 10 2018

UNLOCKED: Gone Fishing Newsletter: Rate Spike Carnage

When FOMO turns into “There Is No Alternative but Cash”, the selling can escalate quickly. Samantha LaDuc Oct 12, 2018

UNLOCKED: Gone Fishing Newsletter: Where do we go from here?

BIG PICTURE – I’m still worried. Samantha LaDuc Oct 15, 2018

UNLOCKED: Market Thoughts: Bounce or Trounce?

This level of breadth deterioration under the surface is why Funds go to cash. Samantha LaDuc Oct 18, 2018

UNLOCKED: Market Thoughts: The Week Ahead for October 21st

Looks like we may get a brief but impactful US Dollar Spike. Samantha LaDuc Oct 21, 2018

UPDATE: Monthly Charts: An Update on Short Price Targets

Big picture, we continue to see synchronized global Growth contraction, PE contraction, Margin contraction from higher costs/wages and general and genuine fears about higher interest rates straining debt refinancing on top of YUGE twin deficits and real inflation that could trigger both stocks and bonds to sell off TOGETHER sparking an unwinding of the very dangerous and oh-so coordinated “Risk Parity Trade” which is way overcrowded  . . . Samantha LaDuc Oct 23, 2018

UPDATE: Gone Fishing Newsletter: The Week Ahead for October 28th

Now I am expecting we close on the lows near $162.75 for the $QQQs this week before ending near $170/171 by EOM/EOD 10/31. Another words, I suspect a Likely retrace ~20% of this total drop before AAPL reports! And then it wouldn’t surprise me if we retest the lows before the Nov 6th US Elections. $AAPL $195 is still my Price Target very soon. Samantha LaDuc Oct 29, 2018

So that’s the written analysis clients received from me leading into my market timing call to short the market on October 3rd with detailed follow up on how best to navigate through all of October.

Clients of LaDucTrading – whether newsletter, trade alert and/or live trading room members – benefited and so can you.

Thanks for reading and please consider joining me in my LIVE Trading Room where we work through Value and Momentum trade ideas and set ups every trading day and you receive all of my Research as well as all of my trade sets up across 5 LIVE Portfolios. I look forward to supporting your trading goals.

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