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I have one job: I trade for a living and support clients who do the same. I run a trader education service for Professional Retail clients and allocated trading for Institutional (RIA/HF/PM) clients. I am especially known for my calls on Volatility and Market Timing. With a backdrop of Macro (economics, fundamentals, technical, inter-market and sentiment), I deliver the Micro (actionable trade ideas and set ups).

Access to institutional knowledge is only part of the solution for typically under-capitalized participants. Understanding how to operationalize the info and manage the risk is the contribution you make.

Marc Chandler is Chief Market Strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC.

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  • where I make Market Timing Calls based on Market-Moving News
  • work through Value and Momentum trade ideas with clients
  • personally share my Macro-to-Micro trade set ups using risk-defined options
  • alert clients to my trades from within my Live Portfolios with Real-Time, Brokerage-Triggered Trading Alerts via SMS/email/Web
  • publish my Daily Market Thoughts and Weekly Gone Fishing Investment Newsletter

Benefit from some expert chart pattern recognition and volatility insight with big-picture macro perspective thrown in.

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