Fishing Club for Samantha's LIVE Trading Room

Fish alongside our Captain as she forecasts the weather and where the fish are jumping!

Samantha here:

I trade for a living and support clients who do the same. I run a trader education service for retail clients as well as in-depth Macro-to-Micro research for Institutional clients. As a Chase, Swing and Trend trader, my focus is anticipating volatility at inflection points that move a market, stock, currency, commodity, interest rates and volatility. I am especially known for my calls on Volatility and Market Timing. With a backdrop of Macro (economics, fundamentals, technical, inter-market, quant and sentiment), I deliver the Micro (actionable trade ideas and set ups).

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Access to institutional knowledge is only part of the solution for typically under-capitalized participants. Understanding how to operationalize the info and manage the risk is the contribution you make.

Marc Chandler is Chief Market Strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC.

Samantha is my investment spirit animal… love the Marco write ups and how she drills down to a theme and actionable trades. It’s always helpful to get a trusted perspective from someone who approaches the market the way you do, especially when you get bogged down in the weeds of today’s information overflow.”

John Robertson, Retail Client

One of my $4 to $40 top stock picks helped this client become a millionaire:

I became a millionaire today. I almost broke down and still in disbelief looking at my portfolio. Please keep up all the great work! I have been following you on twitter for several years now and took the leap. I am still shaking!

Bhavik Patel

Live Trading Rooms!

Bonus: Closed Captioning for Accessibility and Transparency

Includes Samantha’s Live Trading Room:

Here’s your opportunity to shadow Samantha as she actively forecasts and chases each trading day. This is where she:

  • makes her Market Timing Calls based on Market-Moving News
  • works through Value and Momentum trade ideas with clients
  • personally shares her Macro-to-Micro trade set ups using risk-defined options
  • discusses her Daily Market Thoughts and Macro-to-Micro Analysis


About Your Captain:

Samantha LaDuc is the Founder of and the CIO at LaDuc Capital LLC. As a Macro-to-Micro analyst and professional options trader, Samantha leverages her insights on volatility and money rotation to make her historic market-timing calls. With a backdrop of Macro, Intermarket, Quant, Fundamental, Sentiment and Technical Analysis, she provides risk-defined option trades for clients. Her focus is dedicated to identifying reversal and continuation patterns across global equities, currencies, commodities and interest rates.


Retail and Institutional (RIA/HF/PM) clients gain access to her unique perspective and unparalleled transparency. Tactical trades for stocks, options and futures that cover multiple time-frames with live commentary provided from her Live Trading Room and in-depth analysis delivered in her prescient research.