Santa Really Came Through

We were up about 12% in 12 days after a 20% drop (Friday) in the S&P. I have been an unabashed Bull since Christmas and if you are a client you had my written analysis and live trading room commentary to support and navigate. Hope it helped 😉

For those on the fence about joining, feel free to click on these links for a sampling of my market timing calls and set-ups that were sent to Newsletter, Trade Alert and Trading Room clients past few weeks:

December 24th was the day of the Christmas Eve Massacre – when SPX was trading $2351 – a FULL 590 POINTS OFF THE 2018 HIGH.

I presented a bullish case for a year-end Santa Claus rally Dec 20th and then Dec 31st I posted we had confirmation to stay bullish in the markets – We Need A Fresh Start to 2019.

By Jan 2nd, after AAPL was Dethroned, I penned this positive post in the face of much negativity – AAPL Falls and 4 Reasons Market Can Bounce. 

Then Powell spoke and I was quick to plead my Jan 4th case for a continued market rally – Bulls Have Reason To Run.

Jan 9th I addressed the inflection point: We Had the Trounce Then Bounce: Now What? Despite or in spite of the Fed, my Intermarket Analysis Tells intonated the Bulls were not done running – in Outliers Revert With Velocity.

For a reminder of how the market came to correct 20% and how I analyzed and communicated it to help clients navigate back in September and October, have a look at this UNLOCKED Member Content: All of October.

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