For those not in my LIVE Trading Room, here is an example of The Captain’s Fishing Plan for the Week of September 24, 2017:

Another words, in addition to live market commentary, custom analysis, and Macro-to-Micro trade set ups, I give clients full access to my LIVE personal Trading Journal and Trade Log.

The LaDucTrading LIVE Fishing Plan serves as an intra-day trading journal, so it builds as the week progresses, and provides detailed Trade Ideas, Set ups and Option Tactics beyond just trade entries – for both Trading Room and Newsletter Subscribers.

The LaDucTrading LIVE Trading Log serves as an intra-day trade alert service for Trading Room Members and end-of-day update on swing trades, both opened and closed – for Newsletter subscribers.

The Week of October 1st was mostly focused on Big Bio/Baby Bio and last week was all about coming into the week Long Gold/Silver/Miners, Short Retail/Apparel. The only way you will know how I am positioned coming into the next week is to Come Fishing With Me.


There are lots of ways to access Samantha’s Macro-to-Micro market analysis, option education and trading ideas so you can catch more fish.

The Monthly Fishing Club Subscription includes all of these Services:

  • Weekly Macro-Themed Gone Fishing Newsletter
  • Special Intermarket ‘Chart Attack’ Reports
  • Regular Member Fishing Videos
  • Daily LIVE Trading Room Action
  • Intra-Day LIVE Trading Journal Updates
  • End-of-Day LIVE Trading Log
  • Real-Time LIVE Trading Room Alerts
  • Consultation and Mentoring with Samantha