Trade Alerts – Categories

Trade Setups – straight to your inbox and phone!

Trade Alerts Subscription comes with 2 Live Portfolios for $250/mo. Each additional Portfolio/Category is only $50/mo!

You also get Samantha's Gone Fishing Newsletter – her big picture read of what assets she sees moving and why.

What's not included is Samantha and her LIVE Trading Room. Upgrade to get her running market commentary from Macro to Micro — the what, why and how to trade any market, sector, or stock move! This is where Samantha really excels: scoping out, scanning and synthesizing market moving news and analysis as it happens to give you the advantage for more opportunities, more education and more interaction with Samantha. But if you really can't pop into her LIVE Trading Room during market hours, then the Trade Alerts is the next best thing!

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