The following article was published by SeeItMarket after I alerted fishing club members that I spied a macro inflection point with actionable micro trade set-ups. 

Long story short, I called a pullback in Gold May 7th and waited until Aug 20 to say cover shorts. That was a combined Technical/Macro market timing call which I shared publicly  and here. My thesis is playing out: GLD overshot into extremely oversold territory to trade down from $124.50 into the $111/112 area early this week before moving swiftly up into $114+ Friday, with miners outperforming. What changed to ignite Precious Metals Friday? What changed to drop USD?

Join me to find out so we can track it together and trade precious metals on multiple time frames successfully.

When is it Safe to Buy Gold?


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At LaDucTrading, Samantha LaDuc leads the analysis, education and trading services. She analyzes price patterns and inter-market relationships across stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates; develops macro investment themes to identify tactical trading opportunities; and employs strategic technical analysis to deliver high conviction stock, sector and market calls. Through LIVE portfolio-tracking, across multiple time-frames, we offer real-time Trade Alerts via SMS/email that frame the Thesis, Triggers, Time Frames, Trade Set-ups and Option Tactics. Samantha excels in chart pattern recognition, volatility insight with some big-picture macro perspective thrown in.

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