Come fish with me! Get my top fishing ideas. Learn to fish. Or let me do your fishing!

Trader Education for Women by Professional Women Traders


I have one job really: I tell clients when I think it’s safe and when it’s not. Without sentimentality, agenda…but also without data, models alone. I’m good at synthesizing and sizing up opportunities in context. Across all asset classes.

Join me for twice weekly, one-hour calls where I update you on market events incorporating a macro lens to fundamentals to technical and everything in between. My Fishing Lessons are designed for those who want to self-direct their own trading and investing with the support and experience of professional women traders.

 I am committed to inspiring women in trading and finance through education and mentoring. My Fishing Lessons help women who are relatively new to trading to allocate resources well and how to safely enter and exit a trade. I share my “feel” for the market through customized analysis of big picture market-moving news. I won’t be so much teaching you trading per se, but I take your interest in learning how to trade and invest to the next level while at the same time helping you protect and defend your investments.

We cover various styles of professional trading during the calls including options, swing and trend / position trading and investing. We provide mentoring and support while you learn at your own pace and wade into the water with other women who are catching fish for a living.

We always record our sessions so if you cannot make a live session, you can catch up at a time that works for you.

 The benefits of membership:

  • We offer weekly live training, on a monthly subscription basis, for learning self-directed investing and trading.
  • If you are interested in jumping on the water, but not yet in (to keep with the fishing analogy), we can help you better understand the philosophy and technical nature of managing your own money.
  • We grow your knowledge of the theory and practice of managing discretionary accounts by letting you follow along with ours.
  • We do more than talk about how we read the charts and make assumptions. We share what we’re trading and how.
  • While you get your sea legs going, we give you access to our live portfolios, including real-time trade alerts, so as to better experience how professional traders position in stocks and options.
  • We encourage you to paper trade along with us until you are comfortable to go it alone. You may even like our fishing excursions so much you decide to stay!


Either way, if you are ready to take control of your results, which is your outcome, learn how to ‘bait and cut bait’, grow your finance trading skills and share ideas for investments with other women – all within an encouraging and caring platform of experts who are doing it live – then we invite you to jump into our Fishing Lesson series.


Two one hour fishing lessons per week which includes trade ideas, how to manage positions and individual Q&A during the lessons.


LaDucTrading is ideal for both active traders and investors; for both those who want to understand why an asset is moving as well as those who just want to know when and how best to trade it for maximum gain, safely.

In addition to running a LIVE Trading Room, our founder and CIO of LaDuc Capital LLC, Samantha LaDuc, offers her unique Macro-to-Micro style of analysis

My longer term Trends are focused on more fundamental Trend Reversal and Value Plays – those which meet certain macro, fundamental, technical, sentiment and inter-market criteria. My Swing trades are all about anticipating momentum, volatility and expected moves. This is my favorite kind of fishing

Samantha LaDuc, Founder of LaDucTrading, CIO of LaDuc Capital LLC