It has been said that knowing when and where to fish is just as important as how to fish!

My fishing plan is dependent on the type of fishing hole. I have three favorites.

Pond fishing or Day trading

Seems easy, chock-full of fast-moving fish just within reach, but it’s also exhausting at times with so many erratic moves that it distracts from the bigger fish.  Question I repeatedly ask: Am I here for the fish or for the chase?

Lake fishing or Swing trading

Ensures some good eats. I settle into my favorite spots or set ups and I know how the fish will move because I’ve mastered these waters.

Deep sea fishing or Trend trading

Big catches require big picture thinking and even bigger patience. But when opportunity presents, all hands on deck! These big hauls are few and far between, but when they hit, they feed me for a good while!

Patience in fishing is key.

You don’t have to cast for every fish and risk losing your bait. Bait is expensive! When conditions are unsafe, it’s best to stay on dry land.

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