Often I find market moving news to trade on and announce it to my clients in my live trading room. This Oil trade was a bit different in that I was waiting for it.

From Monday before – when I noticed STRONG option flow in USO, both in my live trading room and in USO fund flows, to writing about this sector rotation call into Oil and Oil & Gas companies for clients Tuesday and Wednesday – I happen to be live-commentating an impending Oil pop Thursday morning and caught it real-time!

Luckily, I had recommended long $USO, $XLE, $XOM, $CVX, $OXY days before and posted my macro, Intermarket, and technical analysis to support it.

Then Crude exploded 35% in 8 minutes Thursday morning. Clients reported 2-10x investment in each of my recommended plays!

Here is the abridged play-by-play. Join me: Your Next Big Catch Is Waiting For You