Timing Research Presentation

Thursday I was invited to be part of Synergy Traders #14 — Advanced Options Strategies

Here was the line-up:

– 9AM: A.J. Brown of TradingTrainer.com
– 10AM: Dan Passarelli of MarketTakerMentoring.com
– 11AM: The Option Professor of OptionProfessor.com
– 12AM: Andrew Keene of AlphaShark.com
– 1PM: Doc Severson of ReadySet.trade
– 2PM: Felix Frey of OptionsGeek.com
– 3PM: Samantha LaDuc of LaDucTrading.com
– 4PM: Price Headley of BigTrends.com

Dan, Jim, Andrew, Doc and Price are traders in trader education I’ve known for years! It was exciting to be asked, and I was pleased to represent the voice of women in trading and finance.

Summer School is in session! Financed Call Spreads as a Set-It-And-Forget-It Trend Trade

With Samantha LaDuc and Archna Jagtiani

Archna (one of my trading room moderators who runs a Trade Management and Options Education class in the afternoons for clients of LaDucTrading) joined me as we discussed my most favorite trend-playing option tactic. See what we’re trading and how we use the power of options to increase ROI.