Current Total Account Value: Chase, Swing, Trend Option Portfolios


    1. Account Value reflects “Mark-to-Market” performance of LaDucTrading positions from inception – Realized Gain/Loss from Closed positions and end-of-day Unrealized Gain/Loss from Open positions.
    2. The Percentage Change in Total Value of the trading account is updated each trading day after market close from data generated by Interactive Brokers and bench-marked to 100.00 as of the Inception Date.
    3. The “ % Change in Account Value” is the cumulative percentage change in total account value from inception to date.
    4. Total Account Value includes all transaction costs.
    5. Account Inception Date: July 15, 2019


Realized Gain/Loss on All Closed Trades:

Unrealized Gain/Loss on All Open Trades:

 Current Total Account Value:

  • The Percentage Change in Account Value since fund inception can be found on this PnL Report page.
  • Performance reflects Mark-to-Market values based on end-of-day, week and monthly results since fund inception date.
  • Total Account Value includes all transaction costs.