This Howard guy is a lot of fun. Great host. Oh, and by the way, Howard Lindzon is the founder of StockTwits, and investor in possibly every fintech company you’ve heard of (Robinhood, eToro, RealVision) and many you haven’t, so let’s just say his nose is good for this space and the players. I was humbled and downright giddy to be asked back again.

During our talk he asked me about my thoughts on Gold. Just so happens the episode was recorded Thursday August 6th. I said I had just advised clients to be fearful of a strong reversal in Gold, Silver and Miners. He didn’t sound very convinced, but his time-frame (like many) is long-term. Still, I was spying a rug-pull event to both warn clients to safeguard profits as well as position into a short-term momentum move. After all, that’s my job – timing inflection points.

And then Tuesday August 11th, Silver dropped 15% and Gold had its 7th largest drop ever. They have yet to recover…

I published my “Gold Short Call” for Institutional Clients Saturday August 8th and GuruHaven ran an article Monday August 10  with my thesis.

To catch my next historic market timing call, COME FISHING WITH ME!

I am VERY grateful for the positive feedback on the podcast: