Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Thank You for being part of my LaDucTrading Community!

I wanted to do a little personal, little sentimental thank you to the community that has accepted me — from those of you who follow me on Twitter and StockTwits, to those who trust me with your emails at LaDucTrading.com so you can receive my free Fishing Stories from time-to-time, but especially to my clients who inspire me every day and whom I care a great deal about.

Recently I had dinner with a very ambitious, smart and successful trader education colleague. I asked him how he grew his business and what advice he would give to me. He didn’t mince words. He said, “The problem with you, Samantha, is you care too much”. There was a silence. I knew what he meant. I don’t want to be VectorVest with a 500,000 subscription base. He does. And it’s OK to have different mentors. Mine is Carole King. She didn’t love the limelight although she performed well in it. She loved to write songs; in fact, she wanted to be known as the songwriter for songwriters. That’s my idea of success: do what you love as if money was no object. Respect and Results Follow.

I’m proud of being a boutique versus a mall. I may not have the traffic but I will do everything in my power to get to know, serve and retain my clients. And yes, because I care!

Something else, bad stuff happens in life. Often! I go into my trading room each morning and I feel connected to a community. You value me. I value you. I love analyzing, educating and trading but what I’m most passionate about is sharing that. Thank you for being my client. Thank you for trusting me.

I am sincerely grateful.


PS. Not a minor postscript: I am very grateful to Renee, my web operations manager and long-time friend, and by extension, to Matt, her sweetheart husband who has always been supportive and helpful in that handy engineering kind-of-way ;). Renee, thanks for always having my back!