This is not a typo.

Not kidding: Gilead popped after market hours today on Remdesivir news on a treatment for COVID19. We caught it LIVE in my trading room.  Assuming it sticks for the overnight, and it stays at/above $85 it will return 25,000%.

I have been bullish $GILD since Fri 1/31. I consider Gilead a ‘value’ play – one with extreme volatility that requires a “hold your nose” trend trade approach. But today, I spied large unusual option activity in August and felt ‘doubly bullish’. 

This was a community trade. My trading room moderator @archna2011 found us an amazing ONE PENNY FINANCED AUG CALL SPREAD… which should return a minimum of 250 times investment tomorrow.
11:05 oh Lord $GILD seriously what’s going on. that doesn’t look like anything right now but another $1.7M in premium just came in for $GILD after the 1.8M earlier. this is queuing up oh you know what I think.
11:43 AUG call spread 80/85 + sell put spread 65/60 for 1 cent debit
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Obviously, this trade moved far quicker than I expected – or I would have suggested next week’s options – but point is that market timing calls that anticipate and leverage volatility are what I do best for clients. I know that many clients will be frustrated if they did not have this trade on or were not in my trading room to hear it. To that I truly apologize. To those who were in my trading room and took the trade, in any form, congratulations.

Now try to forget about it and let’s just focus on the next one.