Did you know, Small Caps have actually outperformed Large Caps this month?

Coming out of recessions, small caps have beaten large nine out of the last 10 times and also tend to beat coming out of bear markets… Bloomberg

That’s why oversold ‘value’ plays has been Samantha’s recurring top theme for clients all  month – sector by sector by sector.

Just this week, Samantha closed option trades in: AAL +308%, FDX +152%, BA +158%,  M +133%,  and MMM +66%

Thursday she spoke with Dale Pinkert of ForexAnalytix to discuss her call-out of how small caps and beaten down cyclical sectors offered great value in their discounted prices and a sentiment play on the perceived economic recovery. Think of it as Stay at Home versus Back to Business – reverting.

Will this rotation continue? Join Samantha and find out!