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Recently I was added to a FinTwit Feed of Women in Economics, Finance and Trading. I was excited to learn this list has been curated for some time, first publishing the list and value of the list back in December of 2017. The women on this list are nothing short of spectacular thought-leaders and innovators in their fields. For intellectually curious publishers, editors and journalists of financial information, it is often difficult to find and represent analysis from women in the finance profession.

Let’s face it: there are few Women in Economics, Finance and Trading out front, many in the shadows often ignored, and yet many still to be inspired and elevated.

I am truly honored and humbled to be part of this list and strongly encourage all those who deeply care about the future and fortunes of Women to promote Women. I especially applaud and appreciate those who actively support and incorporate the Voice of Women.

My business is analysis, education and trading. My passion is to democratize wealth creation and management:

To encourage women to lead, they need to see what they can be!

Meritocracy in financial decision-making cannot exist without the voice of women.

Samantha LaDuc, Founder of LaDucTrading and CIO of LaDuc Capital LLC