The Psychology of Trading Risk Solving the puzzle of trading psychology is front-and-center with Denise Shull, “trader psychologist to the stars”, as she sits down with Samantha for an introspective look into overcoming fear, frustration and disappointment.

Denise is expert at leading traders, investors and money managers to the real ‘why’ behind their less-than-peak performance, because “there’s this magic of getting the negative (feeling) correct.”

Other pearls: “Individual traders have a tendency to think there is some magic bullet.

If there is, it is understanding the market in your own words, then understanding yourself, and marrying the two.” Denise is very much about empowering traders to listen to their intuition, and what is intuition? “If it’s really intuition, its expertise that’s gone from cognitive, linear knowledge in your head to pattern recognition in your body.” Both discuss the frustrations of how few women there are in trading and finance to which Denise responds, “Brain research, and other research shows, that the more you are predicting other people and the more you know yourself, the better you manage money. Women tend to be naturally better at both of those things.”

We can’t thank Denise enough for sharing her time and insights!

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