Samantha talks volatility trading strategies with quant brain and fintwit celebrity Cem Karsan @jam_croissant, founder of Kai Volatility Advisors. From Convexity and Risk Premia to Reflexivity and Deal Positioning, Cem shares insights on his 27-point model for assessing risk and timing market moves. With growing tail risk, valuation sentiment reset and diminishing returns to Fed-Fiscal reaction function, Cem see a strong market pullback come September and a larger secular (not just cyclical) move from growth to value for years to come – what Samantha has called since last summer as the rotation from “Paper to Things”. Samantha asks Cem his views on Bitcoin and crypto as a vehicle for supply/demand flows and macro backdrop as market moves to inflation hedges, and liquidity rotation. You will most definitely want to rewatch this one again and again.

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