Each year I reflect back on my biggest successes and failures. The failures occupy the majority of my thinking the majority of the time, simply because I am so committed to overcoming where I have fallen short of my goals.
It’s the same mindset as my pinned tweet:
Every successful trader was once an amateur that never gave up.
I believe the same for my business. It’s exciting to see the incremental growth at LaDucTrading despite relative anonymity. I am quietly driven because I believe in myself, my analysis and my role as a voice of women in finance. But the success of LaDucTrading is much more than my motivations. Our quiet success is based on the quiet successes of each of our amazing contributors.
Strong analysis is only part of the story. Strong client engagement and custom trade support is the culture of LaDucTrading. And this is made possible by the dedicated team of contributors and client support staff we have assembled – those in front of clients and behind the scenes supporting their experience:
Meet The Team - LaDucTrading
Trading is a solitary experience, but our trading community and business succeeds because we work together as a team! Each team player is a strong individual contributor with a strong work ethic and unwavering desire to lift up clients and each other. We keep each other accountable and challenge each other every day to bring out our best. We help each other on this journey of learning and navigating markets.
Entrepreneurship is, in many ways, about achieving independence in a world where many believe “bigger is better”. But in no way does that mean that success is achievable without the contributions of a team which acts like one! We do and I firmly believe it makes all the difference.
I have used the expression before that it feels great to work with people – clients AND contributors – who share my world view. Some might think this has to do with market analysis or trade timeframes, but it has more to do with culture:
At LaDucTrading, we practice the mom-edict: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Respect EVERYONE. Don’t give up. Work harder. Add tremendous value.
I am proud of the company I keep. Finding contributors I respect and show respect is a big deal in my world, as I am by nature fiercely loyal. Finding individual contributors who can add value without micromanaging is my baseline, but how wonderful is it that each is dedicated to providing outstanding client care!
To my family of contributors:
THANK YOU for your great personalities, consistency of presence, and genuine dedication to client success. The culture of trust drives everything I do: who I hire and who I serve. This New Year’s reflection is a note of thanks to you, my contributors, sharing your quiet successes and quietly helping our clients succeed. We are growing not only a trusted brand but a family of respected professionals. This makes me more than proud.
To all LaDucTrading followers, clients and contributors, I wish you every abundance in 2023!
Samantha LaDuc
Founder – LaDucTrading
CIO – LaDuc Capital LLC