Meet the LaDucTrading Family


Samantha LaDuc, Founder & CEO

Samantha has built a stellar track-record of market forecasting & a stellar team of contributors. Their combined macro-to-micro insights on market direction, sector rotation & volatility help active traders, investors & institutions to better position and protect – on any timeframe or asset – for outsized profits.


Craig Shapiro, MacroAdvisor EDGE Manager

Craig is a long/short cross-asset hedge fund manager whose investment process evolved while managing capital at Point 72 Asset Management, Ospraie Management, Graticule Asia Macro Advisors, and his own fund at Circle Lane Capital.
He uses a top-down macro framework and a bottoms-up industry/company fundamental analysis to model economic data trends and sector rotation for (absolute & relative) risk-adjusted returns. His strategy invests across all major asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies and crypto. 
Craig’s research process, portfolio construction and risk management approach have generated consistent returns independent of the market environment. His value to clients is providing timely insights on macro event risks, thinking outside-the-box on big issues, at the same time interpreting real-time market data into tradable context.
Craig was a long-time client of LaDucTrading before moving his family of six during Covid from NYC to Naples, Florida, and joining as our EDGE Manager. He pens our Sunset Macro newsletter, actively trades & is very responsive our clients’ needs.


James Foster - Director of Marketing & Member Services

James brings 25 years of global marketing, communications and customer service experience to our clients. Prior to joining LaDucTrading, James was a leader in the luxury hospitality industry creating unique travel experiences around the world. He developed multi award-winning boutique hotel brands in Asia and the United States.
His broad-based business acumen with his focus on client success has been key to assisting Samantha realize her vision for LaDucTrading. He supports Samantha with product development, marketing and member services.
Interesting Tidbit: Samantha is a long-time friend with James’s wife, Nishitha. It was on a visit in May of 2019 to their home in a Mediterranean beach town in Spain, where Samantha hired James to help transition LaDucTrading to the next level. He has been instrumental to promoting her vision & providing excellent care to clients ever since. 

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Seasoned & Specialized Trading Desk


Geoffrey Fouvry

Economics Advisor for EDGE

From portfolio manager of 15 years at York Asset Management, with not one down year, to CEO of DocuTalk, an interactive visual software platform for educators & content creators, Geoffrey provides unique insights on issues related to monetary & fiscal dominance - and what that means for inflation and market returns especially for bonds, precious metals and currencies.







Futures/Options Education


Futures/options Trader




GAMMA Options Analyst/Trader


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