CLUB, an intermediate-level service, is ideal for those who care about the macro and the micro – active traders, investors and institutions that value positioning for durable moves, profiting from sector rotation, and protecting in times of heightened risk.

Founder & Chief Market Strategist, Samantha LaDuc, blends macro, intermarket, technical, fundamental, quant, and sentiment analysis to identify market direction, intensity and duration – across assets and timeframes. Samantha has called in advance most every major market turn – including intraday bouts of volatility.

Membership provides access to 10 client-dedicated, professional traders with subject-matter expertise who deliver analysis & trade setups as well as custom trade support for clients who value personal attention.

Member Highlights

Profit From Our Macro-To-Micro Market-Timing Calls


Micro (Beginner)

  • Samantha's Live Trading Room (View Only)
  • Live Stage Mentors & Custom Support
  • Access to 5 Team Contributor Channels
  • Only Samantha's Chase Trades
  • Only Samantha's Posted Market Thoughts
  • Includes All Bots from Tradytics & Financial Juice
  • Covers US Equities, Options & Futures

Affordable path for mostly newer traders wanting to follow Samantha's market analysis while mentors support members in a safe community. We are real traders sharing our set-ups to help members make more & lose less.

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Macro-to-Micro (Intermediate)

  • Samantha's Live Trading Room (Full Engagement)
  • Access to 4 Live Trading Room Moderators
  • Detailed Live Trading Room Notes & All Recordings
  • Access to 10 Macro & Micro Team Contributor Channels
  • Custom Options Trade Support Channel
  • Samantha's Chase, Swing & Trend Channels
  • Samantha's Live Portfolios & Trade Notifications
  • Samantha's Market, Intermarket & Macro Analysis
  • Includes All Bots from Tradytics & Financial Juice
  • Covers Global Equities, Options, Futures, Currencies, Commodities, Bitcoin & Fixed Income

Exclusive access to Samantha's prescient market timing calls & her team of subject-matter experts - covering all asset classes & time frames. Perfect for experienced traders & active investors who want to elevate their knowledge & position for big trends, sector rotation & volatility squeezes in order to maximize out-sized returns.

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Macro (Advanced)

  • Direct Access to Samantha
  • Daily Customized Engagement with Hedge Fund Managers Craig Shapiro & Geoffrey Fouvry
  • Weekly MacroAdvisor EDGE Roundup Webinars
  • Weekly MacroAdvisor EDGE TradeMap Reports
  • Special Situation Hedge Fund Trades
  • Bloomberg Chat Available
  • Covers Global Equities, Rates, FX, Commodities, Bitcoin & Fixed Income

Customized engagement with Samantha and hedge fund managers Craig Shapiro & Geoffrey Fouvry. Ideal for independent-thinking D.I.Y. investors, family offices, and globally-managed equity & fixed income funds who want timely macro insights & complex market data interpreted into tradable context.

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Macro-to-Micro Insights.
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