Almost a year ago I popped up my website (more as a placeholder than as a business) and posted my 1st blog:
Market, You Can’t Scare Me; I Have Teenagers!

Every word still resonates and applies as far as I’m concerned, and that’s a lot more than I can saw of market and stock analysis that expires as soon as it is written. Well, Sean McLaughlin, Head of Community Development at Stocktwits, found this piece buried on my site and asked me to talk about ‘trading and teenagers’ for his GimmeSomeOptions PodCast series. It was my first such podcast interview, on a Friday afternoon, after a long week of analyzing, educating and trading. I will admit I had already consumed the better part of a beer and I will admit I revealed more than I expected, but trading and life are real, so I felt it was important to pitch the reality of both versus any marketing shtick.  for a business or agenda.

If you are disappointed you didn’t learn in detail how I analyze the market or trade options, you can always join my LIVE Fishing Room!
There, I made my pitch.

The January 27, 2017 Interview begins at the 4 minute mark:
Options Trading is not a game of “perfect” – GimmeSomeOptions and Samantha LaDuc


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