Sorry if you were given incorrect message it was closed for the day. It was Open but was just told Room Link did not work for some. Apologies!

I must head out for appt 12-2 but will be back for afternoon session.

Morning Notes: As of 11:30

Morning was for chasing short but fully expect afternoon to be chasing long/bouncing. Still doesn’t change my intermediate short bias in coming months of Aug/Sept.

FAANG names at all lows. Still swing short AMZN.

SEMI names also fell today: Still short SMH NVDA put spreads.

My one index Short of IWM is working, will be choppy so manage closely or add Time/hedges.

Short USO yday was great but need time for it to confirm: Above 10.40 is bullish; below 9.80 is bearish.

Staying Swing Short: RH, FDX, UNP, CSX, XME, (X to $22, then we’ll see).

Staying Swing Long: AZO, AAP, COST, TGT, WMT

Staying Trend Long: JO SGG XLU TLT GLD GDX

EPS Plays: Short TSLA, Long AGN but watching/chasing post-EPS REGN.

China pulling back: look toppy: BABA MOMO and SOHU. FXI at Res.

Swing Longs that broke: MGM,  BZUN close <$30 + it will.

Waiting for UUP $24/DXY to hit/turn at $92.63 to go long USD and short Euro (FXE FXC…)

Notes on AAPL

Con call didn’t mention next iPhone details for Sept (which I worry will disappoint) but Cook did said there was a big project in autonomous driving. That might have helped the enthusiasm.  Regardless, it moved 6.5% vs expected of 3.5% and is on pretty serious support at $156. Below that and we have issues; staying above we can see $163-167-169-171 next levels.

Set it and Forget it Trade Idea?