Exciting News
In June, I hired Rithika to run our LaDucTrading Discord server to better inspire and support young momentum traders. A great community was born and now 3,000 members are being nurtured by fabulous moderators as we share our highest-probability risk-defined trade entries and exits.
I was excited to bring in Ayesha, whom we introduced last month, to provide a fundamental take for our clients. Her clear thinking and writing has added balanced perspective across both trading and investing time-frames.
Archna is a familiar ‘face’, as she supported my live trading room as moderator for two years, returning recently to help share her nose for chases and options tactics for both Fishing Club and Discord clients.
Today I am adding to this deep bench of committed, competent traders by introducing Tiffany Xie.
Tiffany brings a global perspective to markets through her studies in economics, technology, and politics from Georgetown University. She has contributed not only her subject matter expertise on Chinese economy for wealth managers, she helped build a data science and simulation model for large department of defense acquisition programs. Tiffany now applies a data driven framework to trading equities, options and crypto. Tiffany will work directly with Samantha to support trade management as well as deliver education, moderation and risk management in support of all clients of LaDucTrading.
Needless to say, I believe I have assembled an ensemble cast of women in trading and finance who can deliver on our core mission: deliver superior stock picking and risk management.
I am excited about this growing trading desk of analysts/educators/traders who not only bring their deep analytical skills but their caring natures in support of LaDucTrading clients who not only want to level up their trading game but deliver on out-sized results.
THIS is my idea of a great trading desk:
discord trading team

We look forward to fishing with you,

Samantha LaDuc
Founder – LaDucTrading.com
CIO – LaDuc Capital LLC