Live trading room now offers Speech-to-Text Closed Captioning (CC) – complete with time-stamps + transcripts.

To activate:
  1. Log in to your LaDucTrading Membership Account or Become a Member
  2. Click on the Live Trading Room Access Link (button or page)
  3. Register (enter name and email) to access trading room – a screen-sharing webinar
  4. Once inside the Zoom webinar room, you can activate Closed Captioning, which superimposes text in the CC text box whenever I speak
  5. Once my trading room is closed, you will be sent a file of the transcripts.
Please Note: If you are planning to arrive late to the live trading room, log in and register early. The Live Trading Room opens each day by 9 AM ET. So even if you don’t plan to be in the trading room for all of it – by registering closer to the market open, you will have access to the recorded material for the entire time the room is open which is most trading days form 9:00AM – 11:00AM ET.

Chat AND Closed Captioning

Use chat to relay questions, market moving news and discuss key trade ideas and executed trades that have opened/closed.
At the end of the Webinar, as long as you have registered for the trading room, you will be sent files of both Chat and Closed Captioning as well as a review of the days’ shared video webinar meeting.
Here are some pre-requisites and more details on how to View Closed Captioning within Zoom.


It’s about Transparency and Accessibility! 

It’s my goal to add value for clients in my trading room, and to let those who may have missed my trade set-ups or market commentary to access real-time archives. I added this development feature of CC to not only offer an Accessibility aid, but to actively support clients’ requests to better capture my market timing calls.

Thanks for reading and please consider joining me in my LIVE Trading Room where I take macro and market-moving news, give it context, and work through Value and Momentum trade ideas and set ups every trading day!

At LaDucTrading, Samantha LaDuc leads the analysis, education and trading services. She analyzes price patterns and inter-market relationships across stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates; develops macro investment themes to identify tactical trading opportunities; and employs strategic technical analysis to deliver high conviction stock, sector and market calls.

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