Wonderful News: My Live Trading Room moderator, Archna Jagtiani, who offers up great Chase ideas and option tactics to support them, is going to be offering Trade Management education and support for LaDucTrading members – every trading day Monday – Friday starting at 1:30 ET.

This is a totally optional, totally free, totally value-adding service to help clients get more from their LaDucTrading membership.

  • Would you benefit from a technical review of Samantha’s morning trade ideas, set-ups and trade alerts?
  • Do you have questions about stocks, options, futures? Risk Management strategies? Complex option tactics?
  • Want a resource to answer technical set up and option questions on your specific trade ideas?

You are invited to Archnaโ€˜s live trade recap and options education hour that will open each trading day at 1:30 PM ET. Just go to Archna’s LIVE Options Educationย member pageย and jump in!

Afternoon Trade Management Review

When: every trading day Monday – Friday starting at 1:30 ET

Where: access link via Archna’s LIVE Options Education member page.

What To Expect:

  • trades discussed using technical analysis
  • option tactics based on objective, time-frame, margin requirements
  • risk management strategies
  • particulars of trading stocks, options and futures

Who: Archna Jagtiani

  • Profession: Full-time Trader since 2010; LaDucTrading Trading Room Moderator over a year.
  • Education: Software Computer Engineer; Corporate employee 6 yrs; Private Math tutor for kids
  • Personal: Mother of 2 boys, husband also in IT, and all live in Chicago.
  • Motivation: Inspire women to actively manage their own investments and trade.

I am personally very excited Archna is making herself available to support your technical analysis and option education questions after I close my trading room. She has immense patience for teaching, the experience of trading fast-moving markets, and the desire to really keep clients safe.