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Slack FAQ

Welcome to the LaDucTrading Slack Member Workspace! 

You have come to the right place to learn about our Slack Member Workspace:

EDGE members- you gain access to everything in our LaDucTrading Slack member workspace plus unfettered access to our founder, @Samantha LaDuc, and hedge fund managers, @Craig Shapiro & @Geoffrey Fouvry.

CLUB – you have access to all of Samantha’s research, education and trade setups across all assets and time-frames – chase, swing and trend – in addition to her growing trading desk of contributors all of whom actively trade: 

  • Archna – advanced option tactics
  • Rithika – momentum trading using Elliot Wave
  • Tiffany – gamma-flow options
  • Geoffrey – Graphcall Macro Education
  • Bob – all things oil and gas
  • Mike – market moving context
  • Craig – Macro Advisor

CHASE – you gain access to the Chase specific channels in our Slack workspace

Subscription Switching: Upgrade any product any time in the subscription section of your member dashboard.

Get Notified!

Samantha runs a live trading room daily where you can engage for custom analysis. Otherwise, she will post her Macro-to-Micro analysis – from intermarket analysis, market thoughts and highest probability Chase, Swing, Trend trade ideas – in Slack, so it is really important for members to check in frequently. We suggest setting up notifications for all channels and contributors you want to follow – with the exception of #market-moving-news as it is a live feed from Financial Juice that can be quite busy when enabled for notifications ;-).

Again, we have a whole trading desk of analysts and active traders – all posting in their respective Contributor Channels in our LaDucTrading Slack Workspace for clients! Here’s how to set it up so you never miss a post!

Switch on Slack notifications for the channels you want to follow closely (eg #chase-ideas,  #samanthas-market-thoughts,). Every time a contributor posts their market analysis and trade setups,  you will be alerted via a Slack notification. You can configure the notifications on desktop, IOS & Android. The notifications can be enabled to even pop up on your screen, make a sound if you want, and/or be configured to run during certain hours. (You will need to be logged into the Slack app for these notifications to pop up). We have posted articles from Slack support and tutorial videos on our Getting Started page under the Member Menu for more details.You can also contact for more assistance.

Lots of Support!

In addition to Samantha’s live and written commentary and custom engagement, our Trading Room Moderators are available to actively support your trading goals.  You can engage with them in Zoom chat (to “everyone”) or in their respective Slack channels or in #member-chat: @Mikey Bot @Tiff @Archna @Rithika and are active traders in their own right in addition to supporting Samantha and her clients. 

For technical and membership subscription questions, please contact

Below you will find a brief overview of the Slack channels and Frequently Asked Questions including commonly used acronyms Samantha uses. 


Channel Access and Setup 

Slack does not allow us to automatically organize and group channels for members. To help you better navigate our analysis and trade setups, we recommend organizing the Slack channels as shown in the attached image of the sidebar section. This is totally optional. You set it up as you like!

IMPORTANT: If you do not see a channel you think you should have access to, please select “More” from the side menu and then “Channels” for a list of all Slack channels available. You can join any channels you have access to from this list.

EDGE & CLUB Slack Channel Access (CHASE members get access to Chase channels only):

We now offer our members 7 channels with TradyTics AI bots:
(more info on these bots can be found here:

Please see the instructions below for slack channel organization set up:

  1. Next to ‘Channels’ click on the three dots, select ‘Create new section,’ and type in a label. We suggest using the section names provided below in bold ie. Samantha’s VIP Analysis
  2. Click on each channel and drag it to the corresponding sidebar section. 
  3. To sort the channels within each sidebar section click on the three dots and hit ‘Sort’ to choose your preference.


Samantha’s VIP Analysis

  • #Intermarket-tells – Samantha’s “secret sauce” to time sector rotation and inflection points in major asset classes and indices based on divergences in underlying market conditions.
  • #Macro-to-micro-support – Samantha posts supporting data and analysis for macro themes (e.g. inflation, credit markets, China, rates, etc) in support of her most durable market and trade ideas.
  • #Samanthas-market-thoughts: Samantha’s regular review of why markets do what they do, how to time it as well as the biggest risk events on the horizon. 

Samantha’s Trade Setups

  • #Chase-ideas: highest-probability intraday/multi-day chases from market-moving news, momentum flow and technical triggers.
  • #Swing-ideas: trade set-ups based on expected rotation into stocks – and stocks within sector rotation themes – that need volatility to trigger and momentum to follow through for several weeks to months. 
  • #swing-trade-notifications: These are Samantha’s highest conviction SWING trade ideas. *Swings – multi-week (can turn into multi-month if working)
  • #Trend-ideas: trade set-ups based on durable themes across sectors for portfolio diversification that can span several months.
  • #trend-trade-notifications: These are Samantha’s highest conviction TREND-LONG trade ideas. *Trends – multi-month (can turn into multi-year if working)

Contributors’ Corner

  • #Archnas-advanced-options: Archna delivers her trade set ups using advanced option tactics (selling versus buying premium) for both income generation and momentum trading. 
  • #Bobs-oil-and-gas: Bob MacMinn of MPAS contributes his insights from his 35 yrs trading the oil markets.
  • #Macro-advisor-craig: Hedge fund manager Craig Shapiro shares his macro analysis and trade setups across fixed income, commodities, equities and even crypto! 
  • #Mikes-market-mojo: Mike (also a LaDucTrading Discord moderator) focuses on the data-driven market action to help members maximize context of market-moving while also serving as a moderator in our LaDucTrading Discord service.  
  • #Rithikas-hot-tickers: Rithika is not only Samantha’s live trading room moderator AND LaDucTrading Discord moderator, but she also shares her Elliot wave analysis and highest probability momentum plays that last typically 1 – 3 weeks using mostly monthly options.
  • #tiffs-gamma-flow: Market structure matters, especially when options drive market buying and selling. Here is where our gamma education matters to market returns.
  • #graphcall-macro-education: Rediscover the classical economics concepts and the invaluable lessons of history, with the unique experience of Augmented Media from GraphFinancials.
  • #kentons-corner-of-biopharma: Alexander Kenton  (MD, MBA, FAAP) will share his insights, analysis & trades in the healthcare, and specifically, the exciting biopharma space.
  • #unusual-option-flow: Our live trading room moderators – Rithika, Archna and Michael – offer up their favorite Unusual Option Activity (UOA) flow with context for our active option trading members.

TradyTics AI Bots

  • #bullseye-intraday-ai-signal: Bullseye is an AI signal tool that anticipates intraday movements in options contracts.
  • #daily-stock-breakouts: Breakout bot that analyzes over 5k stocks every minute to find breakouts happening in the market.
  • #golden-milly-option-sweeps: Unusually large sweeps with premiums worth over 1 million dollars.
  • #large-insider-transaction: Updates on some of the largest insider transactions that take place in companies.
  • #large-option-sweeps: High premium, large options sweeps that show conviction from buyers/sellers are shared via this bot.
  • #tradyflow-option-trade-idea: Trady flow looks at repeat and dominant options signals that have a high success rate of hitting in the money.
  • #unusually-large-darkpool-blocks: Unusually large darkpool and block trades that are a large proportion of the marketcap.

Member Resources

  • #Market-moving-news: A live feed of daily market-moving news, economic data and key events including earnings reports – all from Financial Juice news.
  • #Memberchat-and-questions: general chat room where members can ask moderators/contributors questions and requests for custom analysis as well as discuss/share macro-to-micro trading ideas as well as articles/charts of interest.
    • Make sure to tag the person in your post you would like to reply (or DM them) so that they are notified specifically.
    • Contact if the question relates to technical or membership status as this is not the forum for resolution of such issues.
  • #custom-trade-support:Ask our option educators (Archna and Michael) to help you set up a trade and when to defend it! #NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE
  • #Welcome-and-faq: Here is (hopefully) everything you need to get started – from how to organize slack channels + navigate them, to commonly used acronyms and most Frequently Asked Questions.

Keeping Up 

  • #Earnings-and-education: occasional postings related to market structure, fundamentals, technical analysis, and related resources.
  • #Market-timing-calls: client testimonials and well-timed trades from previously posted trade set-ups.
  • #Samanthas-twitter: public-facing macro-to-micro analysis and posts that capture Samantha’s sentiment on the market.


  1. How do I access the Live Trading Room?

If you are a CLUB or EDGE member, you may login to or from the homepage navigate to the top right Member Menu:  Members → Live Trading Rooms → Log Into Samantha’s Live Trading Room Access Link.  You will need to login each day as the  Zoom link is updated daily. The recorded sessions will be uploaded on the same page once processed at 5PM ET so you can refer back to them. Closed Captioning is included as well as a Zoom Chat recording by the moderators. These recordings are removed from this page after 5 days.

  1. Can I request custom chart analysis?

Yes! If you are a client with comments or requests for custom analysis, please post directly to Samantha in her daily live trading room sessions ( Zoom Q&A) which are currently held M-F from 9:00 – 11:00 AM ET and M-Th 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET.

Otherwise, you can send her a message on Slack in #memberchat-and-questions and she will respond when able. 

You can also message a contributor directly. 

  1. Where does Samantha post her Macro-to-Micro analysis and trade setups and updates?

Samantha focuses on scanning and synthesizing the highest probability trade setups across multiple asset classes and time-frames. Her live commentary can be found from her live trading room sessions. This is where she also engages with clients for Q&A and custom chart analysis. Her written analysis is captured from her live trading room and posted as top ideas of the day in slack across chase, swing and trend time-frames.

You can also review notes from the live trading room session under  #trading-room-chat. Please note that the mods will make their best efforts to capture Samantha’s key macro and micro trading ideas from her commentary in her live trading room, but it is not checked by Samantha before we post and may not perfectly represent her. Again, best efforts here! 

  1. What is the difference between Chase, Swing, and Trend?

Our clients range from short-term intraday traders to long-term active investors – both retail and professional – so we identify trade setups across multiple time frames:

  • Chases – trades that typically last 1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out – and often based on hourly chart time-frame.
  • Swings – trades that typically last 1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out – and often based on daily chart time-frame.
  • Trends – trades that typically last 1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out – and often based on weekly chart time-frame.

We will also upgrade on occasion a well-behaved chase to a swing or swing to a trend if it meets Samantha’s technical requirements. 

  1. Where can I find Samantha’s exact trades with entry and exit details?

LaDucTrading is primarily a Trade Analysis service. Our goal is to help you identify what is moving, why, and how best to trade it – across every asset and time-frame. We analyze many more trades for clients than we take.

You can find our educational methods, chart analysis, and trade setups in our slack client workspace. Clients manage their own entries/exits and hence their own results.  

  1. Where can I find Samantha’s suggested levels for entry trigger, price target, and stop on her posted charts?
  • Yellow box: Price Targets (PT)
  • Green box: Trigger for entry.
  • Red box: Stop

Note: Depending on the time-frame shown – H/D/W chart – Samantha’s analysis is based most-often on the closing price on that respective time-frame. She specifically says/writes “if X gets/stays/closes” above (or below) Y price, then Z price target is in play. Price targets (PTs) can be used for OCO (conditional orders) and she often lists several PTs depending on client’s preferred time-frame. In the same way, an entry trigger can be set as an OCO to place an order. 

  1. Samantha uses acronyms for efficiency when posting. Here are the most common: 
  • H/D/W/M – Hour, Day, Week, Month
  • LRE – Low Risk Entry
  • PT=Profit Target
  • SL=Stop Loss
  • BO=Breakout
  • BD=Breakdown
  • CS=Call Spread
  • PS=Put Spread
  • TL=Trendline
  • PB=Pullback
  • UOA=Unusual Option Activity
  • BB – Bollinger Bands
  • KC – Keltner Channel
  • 21D or 10W – 21 day exponential moving average or 10 week exponential moving average
  1. What is Samantha’s chart setup? 

Samantha uses Worden’s TC2000 for charting purposes as it allows her to present multiple timeframes, option flow as well as her custom scans, custom indicators and custom watchlists.

Standard technical indicators she uses on her chart follow:

 From left to right on chart: H/D/W

  • Hourly – 7/17 EMAs, Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, Stochastics
  • Daily – 3/8/21/55/100 EMAs and 200 SMA, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics
  • Weekly – 10/21/30/50/100/200 EMAs, Keltner Channel, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic 

Keltner Channel settings: Length (21), Multiplier (1.5 ) 

Bollinger Bands settings: Length (21), StdDev (2)

Stochastic settings: Length (12), % K Length (3), % D Smoothing (5)

Charts are displayed in arithmetic/log, not linear

  1. How do I download Samantha’s breadth and volume indicators on other charting/trading platforms?

The daily “Tells” Samantha uses and displays to members in her live trading room daily are not available on other platforms, but she makes several widgets available to display these levels in a tab under Member Menus > Fishing Club > Indicators:

  1. Where can I find Samantha’s algo-triggered trade signals?

Samantha created LaDucTrading’s RiskIndicators – previously housed on – to allow clients to be alerted when an ETF has triggered bullish or bearish intraday or on a swing basis. Unfortunately, Vigtec closed and she is looking to build-out these indicators and host on our website and make them available to clients interested in her ALGO-triggered trade signals. We will keep members posted when launched!

Option Rules of Engagement 

Volatility, Direction and Time are the three most important components of choosing an option. 

Samantha is a “volatility” trader – sizing up highest probability trades where she is chasing a directional move or positioning for expected volatility to enter the product. As such, she is most often buying than selling options. 

Since Samantha is predicting the direction of the underlying stock/index/asset, she will choose an option tactic based on the expected duration of that trade reaching her price targets. She is also choosing her option strikes based on the current and expected future price of the underlying stock/index/asset. 

Pro traders like Samantha have learned it helps to add more time than we think is needed. Better to be safe than sorry. It is also better to cut losses than let them run so she is looking for low-risk-entries that have a defined stop based on a proven process she has fine-tuned over the years. 

Option Tactics per Timeframe

Most often Samantha’s options are bought at the money with highest gamma or out-of-the-money strikes based on projected price targets that she believes is achievable within a given period of time. She trades primarily three timeframes: 

  • Chases (1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out)
  • Swings (1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out) 
  • Trends (1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out) 

Chases are largely news/event driven trades or volatility technical patterns that last a few ‘days’ – sometimes just hours. Momentum drives the price action, which can be volatile, so active management is required. Samantha will share chase ideas in her LIVE Trading Room as they happen, as well as in slack with price levels and entry, stop, profit (ESP) targets. Swing and Trend trades will be posted in slack with all the supporting details relying on clients to actively manage/defend.

Option Spreads are employed for directional moves that may be more gradual. Combination option tactics (e.g. ratio backspread, financed spread, butterflies, etc) are used most often for event-driven trades as well as for ‘set-it-and-forget it’ type swing trading to capture a trending opportunity further out in time. 

Trading Plan for Options

Samantha will only trade a very liquid option market with narrow spreads (except on occasion she sees an arbitrage opportunity or mis-priced option). There will always be exceptions, and market considerations, but for the most part, here is an “option cheat-sheet” Samantha uses to identify the strike, position size and duration of an option:

Stops and Risk Management

Traditional stop loss tactics include trailing stops based on a percentage of profit/loss of the option price. Samantha uses the price level of the underlying as her stop or profit targets which triggers her option trade exit. That is why she spends much effort on identifying where the underlying stock/index/asset will go and the behavior she is looking for to confirm her directional call. 

She uses technical analysis to identify when the price action of the underlying is behaving as expected to continue with the trade and when it is time to exit. She shares her annotated charts and provides specific price levels. For example, she often refers to a “trigger” as the CLOSE of the underlying price on a particular time-frame. For the most part, she considers the following exponential moving averages as key to her technical trading thesis: 3Day EMA for Chases, 8Day EMA for Swing, and 10 Week EMA for Trends. 

Tactics for Success 

In the same way we look for a stock to follow through, so too should our trades. As Samantha uses a Macro-to-Micro backdrop to get into a trade, she practices using a Micro-to-Macro approach to stay in a trade.

  1. No trend = no trade. Again, she is not collecting income as a core strategy where lack of movement/IV is beneficial for option sellers. She uses these tactics selectively to trade around a core position.
  2. When the narrative or price action that existed to get into the trade changes, the trade needs to be exited. 
  3. Profits should be rolled into further-dated, higher-priced options – always mindful of conditions #1 and #2 above.
  4. Directional plays can be turned into spreads to protect profits at resistance levels to allow time for underlying to digest/get through. 
  5. It’s never a bad time to take profits, but taking them in parts is preferred so as to stay in a strong trade. Weak trades should be avoided.  

We want to turn a profitable Chase into a profitable Swing into a profitable Trend while being mindful that losses are not to be feared but managed. 

Consistency sounds boring and trading is neither consistent nor boring. But if we consistently manage our winners and our losers then the results will take care of themselves.  

Important Disclosure

LaDuc Trading/LaDuc Capital LLC Is Not a Financial Advisor, RIA or Broker/Dealer. Trading Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex includes significant financial risk. We teach and inform. You enter trades at your own risk. Learn more.© Copyright 2024 LaDucTrading™. All rights reserved: No content may be copied, recorded, or rebroadcast in any form without the prior written consent of LaDuc Capital LLC®.

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