The Captain's Log. Good things come to those who bait.

Automated Stock, Options & Futures Trading From Interactive Brokerage. 

Real-time trade alerts of suggested trade set-ups from Samantha’s Live Trading Room!

Retail Clients: Samantha focuses on scanning, analysis, commentating and engaging in her live trading room while she captures the top ideas of the day – for stocks, options, and futures across chase, swing and trend time-frames. These suggested trade set-ups are brokerage-triggered trade alerts communicated real-time from within a paper-trading brokerage account.

Institutional Clients: Samantha focuses on select positions and managing their risk in her actual portfolio, available for allocated trading within her real-money brokerage account.

The Catch – LaDucTrading’s LIVE Portfolio – Closed Trades Only

This page is an up-to-date view of LaDucTrading’s LIVE Portfolios showing NON-members ALL CLOSED TRADES – across multiple time-frames and strategies. To access ALL OPEN TRADES, and receive intraday brokerage-triggered trade alerts via SMS/email/Web, sign up for Samantha’s LIVE Trading Room.

Only Execution Pays … So Our Automated Trade Alerts Exit When Stops Are Hit!

These Stops – for Stocks, Options and Futures – are based on the projected price of the underlying equity, which we enter manually when we enter a trade (Think: “Conditional Order” in a brokerage account). These Stops – both Profit and Loss – are subjective and often based on the high price (when going short) or low price (when going long) of the corresponding range bar – a range bar that is determined by the chart time-frame. Sounds complicated but it’s not:

  • Chases – trades that typically last 1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out – and often based on hourly chart time-frame.
  • Swings – trades that typically last 1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out – and often based on daily chart time-frame.
  • Trends – trades that typically last 1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out – and often based on weekly chart time-frame.
  • Stocks (Only) – trades that don’t lend themselves easily to options – and can be any duration from Chase to Trend.
  • Futures (Intraday) – trades that are directional for chasing and hedging during the day – and open/closed during mostly market hours 8:00 – 5:00 ET.


  • Automated Stops for profit and loss trigger executed fills/orders (through Interactive Brokers) which triggers the Exit Price in the Live Portfolios which triggers the Trade Alerts clients receive via Web and Email and SMS.
  • All of LaDucTrading’s Trade Alerts include defined stops and profit targets based on the underlying stock. Basing an option buy/sell order on its underlying stock price may not lend itself to your trading platform’s conditional order capabilities.
  • Position Size is personal to each trader. For some “1=$250”; for Big Dave in Texas, “1-$250,000”. Just remember Samantha’s mantra: “Don’t be willing to lose more than you are willing to risk.”   
  • Results are also not guaranteed. You must manage your trades, position size, risk and account. These alerts serve as a “fishing plan” from which you can choose which trades are appropriate for your time-frame, experience, risk profile and goals. 
  • You enter trades at your own risk. Learn more.


Realized Gain/Loss on All Closed Trades:

  • All Open/Closed Option and Stock trades are found in “Samantha’s Portfolios: Chase, Swing, Trend and Stocks” below.
  • Each tab represents a separate portfolio. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of each tab to scroll right for cumulative Wk + Mo totals.
  • All Open/Closed Intraday Futures trades are found in the “Futures Portfolio” below.

Unrealized Gain/Loss on All Open Trades:

  • All Open Trades across all portfolios is accessible only to clients.
  • This is a Live Portfolio with streaming market data that refreshes every 20 seconds.
  • You can sort Open Trades by Unrealized PnL, Date, Type or Symbol.

 Current Total Account Value:

  • The PnL Report shows the Percentage Change in Account Value and is available only for clients.
  • Performance reflects Mark-to-Market values based on end-of-day, week and monthly results since fund inception date.
  • Total Account Value includes all transaction costs.

Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts!

The Catch – Co-Captain’s LIVE Portfolio – Closed Trades Only

Note: The following tabs contain:

  1. Intraday Futures Trades open/closed during regular market hours (8:00 – 5:00 ET). No Overnight Futures Trades.
  2. Steve’s Quant Trades. Steve supports clients as a live trading room moderator and to capture Samantha’s trade ideas.
  3. Archna’s Advanced Options Trades. Archna supports clients as a live trading room moderator and to capture Samantha’s trade ideas. She also teaches the afternoon Trade Management & Options Education class.
  • To view all Trade Log columns, use the scroll bar at the bottom.
  • Note there are separate tabs at the bottom for more details.
  • Refresh Often.