LIVE Fishing Room: Summer Trading Special

$350.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a $750.00 sign-up fee

Here’s where you catch Samantha’s running Macro-to-Micro market commentary each trading day — what’s moving, why and how to trade any market, sector or stock across multiple time-frames!

You will find this is where Samantha really excels: scoping out, scanning and synthesizing market moving news, high-probability trading ideas and uncanny market timing calls – as it happens – while always sizing up The Next Big Catch.

Gain an out-sized advantage from best-of-breed market insights, select investment opportunities, fast-paced momentum chasing, option education and custom analysis/interaction with a professional, female options trader!

In addition to learning low-risk-entry setups and the strategic technical analysis that supports them in her Live Trading Room, you will also receive Samantha’s Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts (Relaunching Soon) and select (non-institutional) Research/Analysis as part of her Macro-to-Micro Newsletter and Premium Videos.

It’s a great 3-in-1 packaged bundle for $750 for three months then $350/month (applies to new subscriptions only)

The perfect opportunity to get started with our service!

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Here’s your opportunity to shadow Samantha 

as she actively forecasts and chases each trading day


Includes Samantha’s Live Trading Room:

LIVE Trading Room Members, once activated, can Log into the Member section of and select the LIVE Trading Room” menu item. You will see your “LIVE Fishing Room Access Link” to join the Trading Room 9:00-12:30 ET each trading day. The room is LIVE so you can access whenever you want but please note: The Trading Room link is different each day and you will only be given access via this Live Trading Room page as long as your Fishing Club Membership is in good standing. Archives of our fishing excursions/video replays are available for all monthly/annual subscribers, not Day/Week Pass holders.

Includes Closed Captioning for Accessibility and TransparencyHere’s how to activate.

Includes Client SLACK  Workspace:

To aid in the sharing of time-sensitive and relevant trading and investment research, education and trade ideas, LaDucTrading uses SLACK workspace and channels where Samantha can post market analysis, annotated charts and trading ideas REAL-TIME so they are accessible (and searchable) anytime for members – regardless of whether members attend our live trading rooms or listen to their recordings.

Includes Samantha’s Macro-to-Micro Research:

Gone Fishing Newsletter, Intermarket Chart Attack, Premium Videos, Market Catch, and Fishing PlansThe retail subscription to Samantha’s Fishing Club includes access to Samantha’s select Macro-to-Micro analysis. This can range from her Market Thoughts to her big picture macro-to-micro inflection read of what assets she sees moving and why. For active investors, interested in Samantha’s Intermarket analysis, this is a good place to review her trading themes and risk management framework.

Includes Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts (Relaunching Soon):

The monthly subscription to the LIVE Trading Room includes Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts  to all Captains’ trade ideas — from Thesis to Time-frame, Trigger to Trade Set-up, Tactic and Tally.

Current LaDucTrading Portfolio covers:

  • Samantha’s CHASE – 1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out
  • Samantha’s SWING – 1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out
  • Samantha’s TREND – 1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out
  • Samantha’s STOCKS – Any duration from Chase to Trend.
  • And select Futures – Mostly intraday trades that are directional for chasing and hedging – 8:00 – 5:00 ET

Does Not Include Allocated Trading: For Institutions Only

Offer is for new members only


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