LIVE Fishing Room: FREE MONTH plus Trade Alerts!


The LaDucTrading LIVE Fishing Room is where you come to fish for actionable trade ideas and real-time stock and option mentoring throughout the trading day.

Want to catch what Samantha is catching? You can receive her Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts!


$0.00 for 1 month
$0.00 for 1 month
$0.00 for 1 month
$0.00 for 1 month
$0.00 for 1 month
$0.00 for 1 month
$0.00 for 1 month

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Activate your FREE MONTH to the LaDucTrading –

Live Trading Room, Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts and Macro-to-Micro Analysis!

Then you can jump into your Membership Dashboard and select “LIVE Trading Room” (Button or SubMenu).

Here is where I fish every trading day 9:00-12:00 PM ET via the “LIVE Fishing Room Access Link”.  I look forward to fishing with you!

Samantha LaDuc/Captain

Founder of LaDucTrading and CIO of LaDuc Capital LLC

We want you to catch so many fish that you decide to stay on the boat with LaDucTrading next month!


  • To activate your Trade Alerts, you must choose which Live Brokerage Portfolios you want to follow via SMS and/or Email.
  • At any time during your subscription, you can change/stop which Trade Alert categories you follow by going to your Membership Dashboard and clicking  “Manage Trade Alert Subscriptions”.
  • You can also hit STOP on your mobile phone to cancel SMS.
  • If you already have a password, you can log in to LaDucTrading. Otherwise, click the following link to set up your password; after doing so you will be logged in: Change my password
  • Any questions, contact!


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