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To receive my Macro-to-Micro perspective in the form of a weekly newsletter that identifies upcoming market moves as well as investment themes, then my Weekly Gone Fishin’ Newsletter will help keep you on the right side of the trend while my Weekly Member Trading Videos will help you identify which actionable trade ideas make sense to you and your trading style!

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How this works:

I analyze price patterns and intermarket relationships across stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates. I develop macro investment themes to identify tactical trading opportunities and employ strategic technical analysis to deliver high conviction stock, sector and market calls. My annotated charts are meant to do most of the talking and illustrate multiple timeframes and risk management trade set-ups.

When applicable, I note unusual option activity (UOA) and deal flow. I also keep a tally and follow a trade plan, both of which are made available to members. No proprietary indicators are used, just solid chart pattern recognition, volatility insight and some big-picture perspective thrown in.  

Gone Fishing Newsletter Members: Once activated, you can log in to the Member section of www.laductrading.com/account and select the “Gone Fishing Newsletter” sub-menu item. Each weekend a new Weekly Fishing and Weather Report will be posted and with it an email sent to alert you to the new post.