Fishing Lessons

$299.00 / month

Take your self-directed investing to the next level.

Join Samantha twice a week for an hour long live web call as she updates you on market events, the trades that are going well and those that are not going so well.

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Our twice-weekly Fishing lessons will help you defend and protect your investments and are perfect for clients that manage their discretionary income on a part time basis. The call times are flexible and always recorded so you can catch up on any live sessions you might have missed.

What to expect from the calls:

  • Mentoring and support
  • Learn at your own pace as you wade into the water with other women who are catching fish for a living.
  • Instruction on how to allocate resources well
  • Trade ideas
  • Select trend ideas
  • Trade set up support – how to safely enter and exit a trade
  • Focused analysis of big-picture market-moving news
  • Custom analysis based on clients needs

Who should sign up for Fishing Lessons?

  • Those new to trading that wish to elevate and complement their trading with Samantha’s market feel, instincts for what is moving the market, trade ideas and protection in these unpredictable times.
  • Clients that do not necessarily have the time to be in a trading room every day but want to keep updated on market events while learning from Samantha.
  • Those who wish to learn and apply the concepts and principles of setting up successful trades in a supportive and encouraging environment. No man cave mentality here!


Fishing Lessons have been designed for women (ok, men can sign up too) who have very little experience with “fishing” for trading ideas and placing risk-defined trades. Now you can join Samantha twice a week for guidance on the Why, When, Where and How.