EDGE (Semi-Annual)

$5,499.00 every 6 months with a 7-day free trial


Macro-to-Micro market analysis, news context & curated trade support for institutional clients.

Whether you’re looking to be kept up-to-date intraday on market-moving news or benefit from deep dive research with predictive analysis, the LaDucTradingEDGE team’s inspired analysis will complement your own independent research and tools to provide the data, context and edge you demand. 

Inspired macro-to-micro analysis to time market turns.

  • Macro-to-Micro Map
  • Trade-Driven Market Strategy
  • Curated Trade Set-ups
  • Live Trading Rooms
  • Client Slack Workspace
  • Real Time Trade alerts
  • Daily and Customized Presence
  • Bloomberg IB Chat

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Macro Context / Sector Rotation Analysis / Volatility Timing / Fundamental Deep-Dives / Technical Trade SetUps

Gain full access to Samantha’s prescient market calls – and all of her Fishing Club membership perks.
Benefit from direct access to Craig’s insights as your out-sourced Macro Advisor – with daily and customized presence.
Acquire perceptive fundamental research with Ayesha’s deep-dive analysis – in support of durable trend plays.



Count on us for timely alerts on current market-moving macro themes triggering sector rotation and volatility that affect quant/market maker positioning and bond/currency/commodity related trades.

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