CLUB Quarterly

$1,050.00 every 3 months

CLUB is led by Chief Market Strategist, Samantha LaDuc, who offers real-time market analysis, trade set ups and custom trade support. MacroAdvisorEDGE manager, Craig Shapiro, contributes macro commentary on global events and market structure while a full-desk of subject-matter experts contribute their analysis and trade set-ups in our dedicated Slack client workspace.

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Macro-to-Micro Market Timing Calls

Supporting Active Traders, Investors & Institutions

We make the complex simple so you can profit


Includes Samantha’s Live Trading Room:

Shadow Samantha as she actively forecasts and chases each trading day, offering up custom engagement for clients LIVE. All available with closed captioning, a post trading-room summary, and three dedicated live trading room moderators!!!


  • Real-time market commentary, cross-asset analysis, and custom trade engagement direct from Samantha.
  • Samantha’s Highest Conviction Trades Across Chase, Swing, and Trend Timeframes
  • Samantha’s Secret Sauce indicators and intermarket analysis.
  • Samantha’s Big Ideas Long-only best Trend plays
  • Craig’s macro event risk insights.
  • Expert analysis, mentorship and trade set-ups from a deep bench of full-time, client-dedicated contributors.
  • Custom Trade Support from Samantha’s In-House Trading Team.
  • Advanced option tactics, curated option flow and gamma analysis, as well as options education from directional to premium-selling tactics.
  • Covering Global Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Crypto and Commodities.

Includes a dedicated Client SLACK Workspace and up to 10 contributors:

To aid in the sharing of time-sensitive and relevant trading and investment research, education and trade ideas, LaDucTrading uses SLACK workspace and channels where Samantha can post market analysis, annotated charts and trading ideas REAL-TIME so they are accessible (and searchable) anytime for members – regardless of whether members attend our live trading rooms or listen to their recordings. You have access to all of Samantha’s research, education and trade setups across all assets and time-frames – chase, swing and trend – in addition to her growing trading desk of contributors all of whom actively trade: 

  • Riley – moderator + momentum trader using technical analysis
  • Rithika – moderator + momentum trading using Elliot Wave
  • Mike – moderator + advanced options trader across timeframes
  • Archna – moderator + advanced option trader across timeframes
  • Tiffany – gamma-flow options
  • Bob – all things oil and gas
  • Craig – macro event risk

Includes Samantha’s Long-Only Trend Ideas and all her Intermarket and Macro-to-Micro Analysis:

The CLUB subscription includes access to Samantha’s prescient Macro-to-Micro and Intermarket analysis that helps her make her outstanding market timing calls. This can range from her Market Thoughts to her big picture macro-to-micro inflection read of what assets she sees moving and why.  For active investors, this is where you get her full list of her highest-conviction stock picks for multi-month (or year) holds along with levels to protect if using stops or options to trade around core positions.


LIVE Trading Room Members, once activated, can Log into the Member section of and select the LIVE Trading Room” menu item. You will see your “LIVE Room Access Link” to join the Trading Room 9:00-11:00 ET AM each trading day. The room is LIVE so you can access whenever you want but please note: The Trading Room link is different each day and you will only be given access via this Live Trading Room page as long as your Fishing Club Membership is in good standing. Archives of our fishing excursions/video replays are available for all monthly/annual subscribers, not Day/Week Pass holders.