Product Announcement: LaDucTrading’s Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts

Here’s the Bait!

LaDucTrading offers clients a Live Portfolio of all trades taken across multiple time-frames, asset classes and strategies. These trades are viewable in one place, mirror an actual brokerage account and are linked to real-time trade alerts with running Realized as well as Unrealized PnL.

This is part RETAIL TRADER EDUCATION APP that is fast, accurate and easy to follow and part INSTITUTIONAL ALLOCATION APP that allows money managers to hook up to our account to follow our trade setups automatically.

Features Supported by LaDucTrading’s Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts


  2. Directional and Multi-leg Option Tactics (including credit spreads)
  3. Automated Position Sizing, Entry Price, Exit Price, Triggered Stops and Partial Sales
  4. Exit Prices trigger based on the underlying stock/asset value’s stop loss or profit target (posted when Trade Alert is open)
  5. Stop Changes also trigger alerts
  6. Partial Sales allow for scaling out of trades (up to three profit targets and two stop losses)
  7. Real-time Trade Alerts are triggered for members (via Web, Email and SMS) ONLY when price is filled at Interactive Brokers
  8. UnRealized PnL for OPEN trades is LIVE
  9. Realized PnL for CLOSED trades is REAL
  10. Account is Funded NOT Paper

Yes, It’s Automated From A Brokerage Account!

Most analyst research and trader education services offer basic trade alerts from a private twitter, whatsapp or slack account. Others just send an email. In my travels, I always hated how these trades weren’t real/verifiable let alone showing the losses next to the gains so clients could eyeball the cumulative trades so as to measure-up the trader’s skill as well as resulting realized profit/loss. On the other side of the spectrum were the professional firms: RIAs have allocated trading capabilities through brokerage accounts and Hedge Funds have algorithms from custom programming. I just wanted to analyze, educate and trade – at the same time share my trade set ups – so since I couldn’t find a system to borrow or buy… I built one!

Samantha LaDuc, Founder of LaDucTrading and CIO of LaDucCapital LLC

Only Execution Pays

Our Automated Trade Alerts Exit When Stops Are Hit! 

These Stops – for Stocks, Options and Futures – are based on the projected price of the underlying equity, which we enter manually when we enter a trade (Think: “Conditional Order” in a brokerage account). These Stops – both Profit and Loss – are subjective and often based on the high price (when going short) or low price (when going long) of the corresponding range bar – a range bar that is determined by the chart time-frame. Sounds complicated but it’s not:

  • Chases – trades that typically last 1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out – and often based on hourly chart time-frame.
  • Swings – trades that typically last 1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out – and often based on daily chart time-frame.
  • Trends – trades that typically last 1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out – and often based on weekly chart time-frame.
  • Stocks (Only) – trades that don’t lend themselves easily to options – and can be any duration from Chase to Trend.
  • Futures (Intraday) – trades that are directional for chasing and hedging during the day – and open/closed during mostly market hours 8:00 – 5:00 ET.

 We teach and inform by sharing our trade ideas with stops. You enter trades at your own risk. Learn more.

Your Next Big Catch Is Waiting For You

In addition to running a LIVE Trading Room, Samantha offers her unique Macro-to-Micro style of analysis and defined trade set ups directly to your inbox and/or mobile phone. Every trade has a Time-frame, Thesis, Trigger, Entry/Stop/Profit Price based on the underlying asset as well as Stock, Option or Futures Tactic:

Our Trade Alert service is perfect for those who need to step away from our LIVE Trading Room during market hours or just can’t get on the boat with Samantha as often as they would like.

LaDucTrading is ideal for both active traders and investors; for both those who want to understand why an asset is moving as well as those who just want to know when and how best to trade it for maximum gain, safely.

The longer term Trends are focused on Trend Reversal and Value Plays – those which meet certain macro, fundamental, technical, sentiment and inter-market criteria. There are many chases but few trend plays.  My Swing trades are all about anticipating momentum, volatility and expected moves. This is my favorite kind of fishing

For those who want to actively Chase, it is best to be in my LIVE Trading Room where I identify with precision intraday action from market-moving news. But now with my Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts, my clients trading stocks, options and futures will receive my time-sensitive trade set-ups that I am really placing in my real brokerage account. 


So, there is no reason to miss Samantha’s best trading ideas!


Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts – straight to your Inbox and Mobile Phone!