Here is a replay of our Macro-to-Micro Power Hour from Wednesday, pre-CPI and post-election.

Our founder and Chief Market Strategist, Samantha LaDuc, was once again joined by Hedge Fund Manager and LaDucTradingEDGE Macro Advisor, Craig Shapiro, to discuss the state of the markets in light of the Crypto-Crash and mid-term elections.

Last time they met two weeks ago, pre-FOMC, they both agreed “No Pivot” as outcome. This week they discuss the impact of the crypto crash on equities, the oil trade, recession indicators they are watching and chances for gold to shine, as well as year-end market pricing as it relates to net liquidity and macro risks!

Lots to unpack to better prepare for the year-end. Don’t miss it!


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Samantha LaDuc is the Founder of and CIO at LaDuc Capital LLC. Samantha is known for timing major market inflection points in equities, commodities, bonds/rates, currencies and especially volatility. As a Macro-to-Micro analyst, educator and trader, Samantha makes her insights available to active traders and investors who want to minimize risk while seizing year-making opportunities.

Retail and Institutional clients gain access to not only Samantha’s unique perspective and transparent trade set-ups, but also to a deep trading desk of hand-picked skilled and client-focused contributors who are active traders and mentors. Together, they analyze and trade all asset classes and time-frames across stocks, options, futures, crypto, commodities, currencies and bonds in support of LaDucTrading members.


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