Open Trades / Unrealized PnL (LIVE During Market Hours)

Suggested Trade Set-ups from Samantha's Live Trading Room

Automated Stock, Options & Futures Trading From Interactive Brokerage. 

Real-time trade alerts of suggested trade set-ups from Samantha’s Live Trading Room!

Retail Clients: Samantha focuses on scanning, analysis, commentating and engaging in her live trading room while she captures the top ideas of the day – for stocks, options, and futures across chase, swing and trend time-frames. These suggested trade set-ups are brokerage-triggered trade alerts communicated real-time from within a paper-trading brokerage account.

Institutional Clients: Samantha focuses on select positions and managing their risk in her actual portfolio, available for allocated trading within her real-money brokerage account.

Open Trades / Unrealized PnL (LIVE During Market Hours) -

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Realized Gain/Loss on All Closed Trades:

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  • The Percentage Change in Account Value since fund inception can be found on this PnL Report page.
  • Performance reflects Mark-to-Market values based on end-of-day, week and monthly results since fund inception date.
  • Total Account Value includes all transaction costs.