New Algo Products

One of my goals in 2020 was to take my pattern-recognition, volatility-based indicators I used with clients and convert them into automated trading strategies for clients. Then I decided to make them available as stand-alone products for anyone outside of my ‘inner circle’ of LaDucTrading members. Although sophisticated in their composition, I designed these indicators to be SO simple to use and to not require my analysis/interpretation to use them. Let me be clear: my new algo products do not replace my style of macro-to-micro analysis and trade set ups, because there is only “One Samantha”, BUT, they are built to use independently to support/enhance anyone’s trading style and time-frame.

These best-of-breed indicators will absolutely alert you to volatility entering the market across three important time-frames: Chase, Swing and Trend. Their goal is to help you stay on the right side of your trade without getting shaken out – whether you are a day, swing or position trader.

I am very pleased to announce that my Risk On/Risk Off Indicators being built on and are 90% done!

Of course, I can’t wait to announce when they go live, so stay tuned!

New Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alert Upgrade

My custom-built trade alert app is being overhauled to allow (LaDucTrading) traders to enter orders directly inside their Interactive Brokers account (instead of on top of it). This will greatly improve its stability, speed and scalability. These are 60-70% done, but when finished, they will continue to integrate with my LaDucTrading membership system to allow clients to receive the actual trade order fills from my brokerage-triggered trade alert system on the member section of our LaDucTrading website as well as to a client’s email and SMS. This will apply real-time to every opened, changed, and closed trade on a position so you are assured of not missing any detail.
The big difference with the upgrade will be that we are doing away with TYPE of trade – Chase, Swing, Trend, Advanced Option, Futures, etc – as the new system will be based on the trader’s account POSITION P/L. The big advantage of this move, however, is that we can elevate the Advanced Option offering by implementing tactics in a more stream-lined and timely manner as currently performing multi-leg option trades is problematic as we can’t separate legs easily. This will all be solved shortly!!
We are also incorporating a shiny-new dashboard in the app to continue to allow the head trader to place option stops – profit or loss – based on the underlying. This is a feature of  my current trade alert system as it is not offered through the conditional order system (OCO) of the IB platform. I had a few other features built out in the current system that will carry-through into the new upgrade. Primarily, I prefer to have the logic built-in that allows for deciding if I want to set stops by dollar amount or percentage on either the option trade or its underlying, and I also want to have the ability to set a rule to sell the position before expiration (to avoid accidental exercise) or at a given time before expiration.
Another new feature I am having built-out is the option for the head trader to use HOTKEYS to better manage stops on the fly for fast-moving momentum trades. This is just an example but you get the idea:

Basically, we had built a brokerage platform on top of a brokerage platform – now we are rolling out an upgrade that will allow the head trader to work directly within the IB platform that then communicates with our app so we can have the much-needed trust with control, the security with the visibility while improving risk management and performance. This is all to make for a better client experience! Andrew and I will be doing beta-testing for rest of January and will announce when the integration is complete! Can’t wait.

SLACK Attack!

Transition to using SLACK as a major improvement in client communication and collaboration has been well-received! Andrew and I have gotten into a good habit of posting actively. Clients need to get into a good habit of checking regularly and signing up for channel notification via email!
Slack will be open all day and night where Andrew and I will continue to populate time-sensitive market-moving news, trade ideas and set ups, with annotated charts, watch-lists, and key option activity. In particular, this is where I will post my intraday market thoughts, Intermarket Analysis, macro trade ideas and risk on/risk off indicator alerts. As a result, I will be delivering less live trading room commentary (see new hours below) so I can focus on providing more actionable trade alerts.
If you have have any issues getting into our Slack workspace, please let [email protected] know.

New Trading Room Hours

I will be modifying my live trading room hours as discussed past few months once these projects were close to completion so I could focus on trading.
This is the plan in a nutshell…
  • 9:00 – 12:30 Market Analysis

I will come on at 9 o’clock every day for pre-market look but then I am going to be working in the background starting 9:30 while I populate slack and actively enter and manage trades. I will pop back in intermittently throughout the day – most notably 11:30-12:30 – and on occasion for an end-of-day trade review at 3:30 before the close. Members can ask me questions in Zoom chat for custom analysis and in member chat in SLACK. Remember, SLACK is open all day and where Andrew and I actively post.

Guest Captain Interviews

I am very honored to have had the response and the outstanding guests on my recently launched Guest Captain Interview series. Every Tuesday I meet with Jonathan of to discuss our view of market option structure that drives the direction of the market (and volatility) in addition to timely topics related to investment themes. It’s a sophisticated look from macro-to-micro and it’s worth a follow.

Every other Thursday, I have been meeting up with Anand of SangLucci to uncover the hidden gems out there in our Women in Trading and Finance interview series. This is another inspiring view of trading that is birthed from my desire to elevate and support this growing segment of the market, and it’s a movement worth supporting.

In the off weeks, my Thursday Macro-to-Micro Power Hour has focused on a subject-matter expert in a particular trading domain. We’re talking fabulous insights and strategy reveals from Oil to SPACs, with much more to come.

In addition to broadcasting these interview live each Tues/Thurs at the close from 4:00-5:00 ET, will will be live-streaming them on YouTube as well as continuing to archive them under PAST INTERVIEWS but best to subscribe on our LADUCTRADING YOUTUBE CHANNEL to be alerted.

At LaDucTrading, there is a culture of working hard every day to add value for clients and improve on what needs improving! I am also open to feedback and suggestions, which is how we know what needs improving ;-).
Thank you for your patience and continued support in this new year with all of its exciting new opportunities to learn and grow and profit.