It’s a quiet Sunday after a very noisy year. I am reflecting on what worked and didn’t so I can move forward with purposeful intent. I am reminded, of course, of all the people who have come into my life – for a season, for a reason, and some for a lifetime.

I am most grateful for…

  • This Life – to explore, grasp, dream, fail, reinvent.
  • (Sounds corny to some but) My Ancestors – their persistence, humbleness, faith, grace, quiet love.
  • Children – an outlet to give love and to be loved in return, pure joy, tested faith, importance.
  • Friends and Lovers – sometimes I’m not sure which I value more, but I know I could not have endured the pain of this world or felt as intensely its pleasures.
  • You – if you are reading this, you matter to me.

What I am not grateful for…

  • Scarcity Mindset – abundance starts when we believe in it.
  • Fear of Loss – letting go with determination and practicing the art of saying “NEXT!”
  • Distractability – where we focus… our energy follows.
  • Lack of Forgiveness – the antonym is self-punishment and suffering is optional.
  • Not Feeling Worthy – to disrespect our own value by feeling unworthy to receive abundance because we focus on our losses (and those who hurt/will hurt us) instead of our admirable and achievable goals! To do otherwise is to dishonor all that we have been given in our lives – from our ancestors, to our children, through our friends and lovers, and every day with one another. This feeling of ‘not being enough’ is a choice. We must choose better.

Thank God this is a learning planet!!

I wish you every abundance in 2021 and beyond.